Overcome hearing loss through innovative solutions

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Overcome hearing loss through innovative solutions
David F. Raetz, CEO and Regional Director, MED-EL Middle East

MED-EL strives to support patients in pursuit of rediscovering their ability to hear. CEO and Regional Director of MED-EL Middle East, David F. Raetz explains the importance of raising awareness on hearing loss and available solutions.

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Published: Wed 7 Jun 2017, 2:42 PM

Founded by scientists Dr. Ingeborg Hochmair and Prof. Dr. Erwin Hochmair, MED-EL is an Austrian technology leader offering a wide range of solutions for patients with hearing loss. To reiterate their commitment to individuals suffering from hearing loss, and to expand accessibility to their innovative solutions, MED-EL established a presence in the Middle East in the 1990s.
"MED-EL has always been at the forefront of developing products that offer social connectivity, unparalleled sound quality and great flexibility. We began our journey in the seventies when Dr. Ingeborg and Prof. Dr. Erwin initiated their research on a hearing prosthesis, now known as cochlear implants," said David F. Raetz, CEO and Regional Director, MED-EL Middle East.
With consequent development in medical electronics and other hearing implants that facilitated the growth of numerous industries, MED-EL aims to support patients with hearing loss in pursuit of rediscovering their ability to hear.
"We are constantly metamorphosing to offer the most advanced solutions that would enable individuals with hearing loss to live life to the fullest. Our team of researchers are dedicated to develop products that would not only enhance the quality of life, but offer diverse options to enrich daily experiences," he said.
Today, MED-EL's extensive portfolio and advanced technology not only cater to different types of hearing loss, but it has also advanced in such a way that newborns can receive their implants as early as six months, Raetz explained.
With nearly 2,000 employees across the world, MED-EL has more than 30 subsidiaries that provide hearing solutions to more than 100 countries, and have a global reach in terms of support.
"We have a strong base in Levant and ventured to the centre of Africa to ensure all our patients receive the support they need. Our advice to parents of young children is to perform hearing screening for your children," Raetz said.
Prior to acquiring speech, early detection and implantation in children who are hearing impaired is not only safe, but recommended in terms of developing auditory and linguistic skills, similar to that of hearing peers. 
"We are passionate about raising awareness on early diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss, especially in children. We have seen the overwhelming positive results of cases where children, as young as six months old, were diagnosed with hearing loss and received a cochlear implant without delay," he added.
All of MED-EL's products are developed with great attention to detail, and most importantly, are comfortable and gentle for little patients.
Regarding support to healthcare professionals, Raetz said: "Since our initiation, one of our key objectives, in addition to supporting individuals with hearing loss, was to support clinicians with knowledge, training and rehabilitation tools to enable them to provide the best support possible to their patients. We have encouraged leading local hospitals to initiate hearing implant programmes and have simultaneously developed our own speciality clinic focused on hearing loss and treatment in Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC)."
MED-EL strives to be a lifelong partner, beyond a manufacturer and supplier of hearing solutions.
"We are committed to supporting users beyond implant procedures by continuously communicating with them, resolving their doubts, and creating a network where there is a flow of feedback. MED-EL has a very large online presence with comprehensive information on treatments and rehabilitation. For parents of younger users, we have an online support system. In addition to these resources, we have a network of patients who have undergone implantation, and can be approached by potential candidates to answer their queries. With our strongly embedded roots in research and development, our thirst for inventing new and improved solutions for patients is never quenched. We are constantly and intensively researching with the help of medical scientists, and investing more than 15 to 20 per cent of our revenues annually in R&D," Raetz said.
MED-EL's implants makes it possible for users and candidates to embrace a life filled with possibilities, enhancing the quality of life.
"We developed progressive technologies that allow users to go swimming with their devices on the head and provide full MRI conditionality without other restrictions up to three Tesla units, which is a first of its kind. With generic implants, patients and radiologists must take specific precautions, and our goal was to remove any hindrances for our patients, especially with emergency situations in mind. Our devices are small and discreet. Furthermore, our products operate effortlessly in noisy environments, and can withstand any climatic conditions," he concluded.

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