Indian doctor sculpts eyelids for Dubai girl

Indian doctor sculpts eyelids for Dubai girl

Mumbai - Indian doctor sculpts eyelids for two year-old Dubai girl, grafting skin from behind mother's ear

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Published: Wed 17 Feb 2016, 12:46 PM

Last updated: Wed 17 Feb 2016, 3:13 PM

Dr Sunil Vasani, Ophthalmic plastic surgeon, in Mumbai finished a challenging, exacting job of crafting eyelids for a two year-old Dubai girl, Meera Mohammed Rashid.
According to, she was born without eyelids, a genetic skin condition called ichthyosis. Her eyes have been open since the day she was born. She did have lashes but were stuck to her eyebrow. The skin for the lids was taken from behind her young mother's ear and then crafted into eyelids, with the lashes stuck on them.
About grafting the skin from behind her mother's ear, Dr Vasani said. "I opted to take the skin from the back of the mother's ear. It was a good match, otherwise I would have to go to a skin bank. It has been taken from behind the ear for cosmetic purposes."
Dr Vasani claimed that huge advances in plastic surgery have given people so much.
"We have constructed artificial eyes to such authenticity that you would not know which is real or fake. When patients come back to us, saying we are getting married or getting a job that is when you feel a deep sense of satisfaction," he said.
Meera Mohammed's mother, Sunanya Saleh Ali, said, "This has been such a great week. We are Dubai residents, though originally from Oman. We made the trip here, especially for this procedure, a small but significant step in my daughter's journey. I am so happy to be a donor for my daughter."

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