Dubai: Doctors remove huge 4.4kg tumour from woman’s uterus

Doctors also excised another 5cm tumor from the uterus, without causing any harm to the organ.


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Published: Mon 21 Mar 2022, 1:21 PM

Last updated: Mon 21 Mar 2022, 1:29 PM

In a rare surgical feat, doctors at Al Tadawi Specialty Hospital in Dubai successfully removed a 4.4kg muscle tumour from the uterus of a 40-year-old patient. Measuring 29 centimeters in length, the tumour is one of the largest uterine tumours to have ever been surgically removed in the region.

Doctors also excised another 5cm tumor from the uterus, without causing any harm to the organ and giving the patient hope for conceiving in the future.

The huge tumour, weighing the same as an average nine-month-old fetus, was removed in a record time of under three hours, a statement issued on Monday said.

The patient only lost 250 millilitres of blood during the surgery. Following the procedure, the patient has not faced any post-surgery complications and is currently recovering in Al Tadawi hospital under the close supervision of doctors.

The excised tumour tissues will be analysed in the lab to determine whether it is benign or cancerous in order to chart out the next stage of treatment.

Marwan Ibrahim Al-Haj Nasser, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tadawi Group, said: “The successful surgery is yet another testament to the global standards and world-class capabilities of Dubai’s advanced healthcare sector. We are proud to contribute to realising the vision of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to establish Dubai as the region’s hub for world-class medical services and treatment,” Nasser said.


The medical team that performed the successful surgery comprised of Dr. Anna Kacarska, Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Dr. Gautam Lahiri, General Surgeon, Dr. Adel Khalil, Consultant Urologist, and Dr. James Donato, Anesthesiologist.

The case was initially diagnosed by Dr. Mohammad Hamad Mohammad in his clinic after the patient consulted with him complaining of abdominal pain. Clinical tests and examinations showed a large tumour.

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