Dubai: 7-month-old travels from Pakistan, undergoes successful cleft lip surgery

Alyssa and her parents travelled to the UAE on June 9

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By SM Ayaz Zakir

Published: Tue 21 Jun 2022, 3:44 PM

Last updated: Tue 21 Jun 2022, 10:46 PM

Seven-month-old Alyssa, who was born with a facial cleft and macrosomia, recently underwent a surgery to correct the birth defect.

Her parents flew to Dubai from Pakistan just for the treatment, a testament to the quality and efficiency of the healthcare system in the UAE.

“Her mouth was wider compared to normal. Feeding the baby was difficult. As she had a wider mouth, the food used to leak out through the sides,” said her father, Christopher Brydone.

Her parents took her to various doctors in Pakistan, however, nobody could offer them a permanent solution. "We consulted various doctors. Some told us that the defect would get corrected with age, while others prescribed some medicines. It was very distressing,” he added.

They then started looking for options outside the country. “It was then we came across Aster Hospitals in the UAE. We sent Alyssa’s available medical reports. An online consultation with Dr Rajkumar Ramachandran, specialist plastic surgery at Aster Hospital, Qusais, was fixed,” said Brydone.

Alyssa and her parents travelled to Dubai on June 9, the same day doctors decided that she was fit for surgery and performed the procedure on the following day.

“The corners of the mouth and lips must line up with the pupil. In Alyssa’s case, her mouth and lips were wider. Her muscles and bones to the corners of the mouth were not fully developed. So, we performed a procedure to join the macrosomia on both sides covering the extra opening on the corners,” Dr Ramachandran said.

Alyssa recovered quickly post-surgery. Her sutures were removed on June 18.

“With facial cleft, the child will lack clarity in her speech. So once the child starts speaking it would be difficult for her to change it later. So, it is always better that we do corrective procedures like this before the child is one year old,” Dr Ramachandran added.

Alyssa's parents are grateful to the doctors for the successful procedure. “We are thankful to the doctors and the support staff at Aster Hospitals. Alyssa is also doing good now,” said Brydone.


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