Al Fujairah Hospital to operate WAREED System on Monday

Al Fujairah Hospital completed its information technology infrastructure to begin the experimentation operations of WAREED system on Monday 18th June 2012.

By (WAM)

Published: Sat 16 Jun 2012, 6:09 PM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 1:44 PM

Dr. Mohammed Abdullah, Director of Fujairah Medical District, stated that the new WAREED system coincides with the training program and series for all the employees noting that the hospital’s supporting center is ready to reply to all customers enquiries round the clock.

The hospital’s medical team will begin using an integrated and modern electronic healthcare system to cover various aspects of work.

Obaid Khalfan Al Khadeem, Director of Fujairah Hospital, said: “We also informed the customers with the possibilities of registration delays because of the application of the new system. Every electronic file for each visitor or patient must be entered but

some delays may happen. We also call the cooperation of the hospital’s visitors as our main goal is to improve the safety and health of patients”.

The hospital’s administration is very keen on calling all the visitors to bring their health card, valid ID card at the first time registration visit to avoid any delay.

It is noted that WAREED, an electronic health system will lead to a diverse transition in the health services fields when applied. The Ministry of Health is currently improving and developing its information technology infrastructure in all the ministry’s hospitals, 86 clinics and health centers.

WAREED system, a health exquisite service in the UAE and a national project that enhances the strategic goals and objectives of the Ministry of Health.

The initiative aims for raising the standards of healthcare services in all the medical districts; 15 hospitals and health centers. The project depends on establishing a central information technology system to integrate the healthcare services according to the latest international standards.

The project is also implemented by I Capital, one of the biggest international IT companies. The new HIS system will connect all the healthcare facilities such as the internal and external departments, x-ray sections, laboratories, pharmacies, surgery, emergency wards, registration and appointments.

The health information system “WAREED” depends on improving the information technology equipments and office applications in all the medical facilities, hospitals and health centers. The system’s supporting offices are employed by qualified employees and a new webpage has been launched on the web portal to enable all patients, doctors and employees benefit from all these electronic services.

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