Al Falah residents call for clinic, police patrols

Municipality hosts forum for public suggestions.

By (Staff Reporter)

Published: Thu 18 Jun 2015, 12:56 AM

Last updated: Wed 8 Jul 2015, 3:10 PM

Abu Dhabi — The residents of Al Falah in Abu Dhabi have called for building a health centre in the city and increasing the number of police patrols. They also stressed the need to pay more attention to maintenance of houses.

These suggestions came during the 18th Multaqa Forum the Abu Dhabi City Municipality held with the residents of Al Falah city.

The forum aimed to identify the residents’ needs and served as a platform for them to give feedback on the municipal services that are offered. The event aimed at acquainting residents with the projects undertaken in their locality, and cementing the partnership with them in developing concepts and plans for improving public services and facilities. These forums are held in implementation of the municipality’s vision and its commitment to interact with community members so as to continue the drive of developmental projects.

The forum was attended by Eisa Mubarak Al Mazroui, acting Executive Director of Infrastructure and Municipal Assets Sector, other executive directors from the municipality, representatives of the municipality’s strategic partners and several residents.

“Thanks to the support of our strategic partners, the municipality is seeking to make these forums a genuine platform for sharing concepts, suggestions, identifying the needs of citizens and responding to their queries ... The municipality has confidence in the views and ideas expressed by citizens and their role in supporting ... the path of the municipality’s plans,” said Al Mazroui.

Important projects

The forum noted that the city has 15 mosques now and work is underway on six new mosques. About 21 mosques are slated to built in the city. The city has seven commercial facilities, and two more will be built soon. Ten malls have been built here, with plans for two more.

A health clinic is currently under construction, while two more are planned. The city has one school and a kindergarten, with an urgent plan to build three schools. Eight schools will be built in the city in the future.

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality has held 17 forums in Abu Dhabi city and suburban areas.

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