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Abu Dhabi: Premarital screening, counselling now available

It searches for infectious diseases and common genetic disorders in the the couple

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Supplied photos

Ashwani Kumar

Published: Fri 25 Feb 2022, 1:54 PM

Last updated: Fri 25 Feb 2022, 1:55 PM

Mezyad Healthcare Center in Al Ain is now offering premarital screening and counselling service, Ambulatory Healthcare Services, an Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA), announced.

Carried out in cooperation with the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi, premarital screening and counselling searches for infectious diseases and common genetic disorders.

The service helps to pave the way for a healthy and happy marriage, especially for couples looking to have children. It is an opportunity for couples to meet with a physician who can address any health concerns before marriage.

A premarital medical examination is compulsory for couples looking to get married in the UAE. It includes screening for infectious diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis B and C, genetic diseases such as Beta-thalassemia and sickle cell anaemia, as well as German Measles (Rubella) and blood grouping.

Dr Fatima Al Darmaki, director of healthcare centres in Al Ain, noted that more than 10,000 premarital screenings were registered in Al Ain last year.

“Premarital screening and counselling service is one of the most effective ways to reduce the rate of inherited diseases, which is why we are ensuring communities throughout Abu Dhabi and Al Ain are given easy access to the service. In 2021, a total of 10,163 premarital screenings were completed in Al Ain. We ensure prospective couples are ready to begin their married lives together with full awareness of each other’s health, taking into consideration hereditary conditions that may affect their children should they choose to have any. Through this service, couples also have the opportunity to discuss and address any health concerns they may have.”

In the case of abnormal results, a patient’s consent is taken, and an appointment is arranged to explain the findings in order to guide the couple on next possible steps and answer any questions. If the results show a need for further medical care, staff at the healthcare centre will facilitate this.


Premarital screening and counselling services are available at healthcare centres in Al Bateen, Al Maqtaa, Baniyas, and Madinat Khalifa in Abu Dhabi.

In Al Ain, the service is provided at Al Yahar, Al Muwaiji, Oud Al Touba, Neima, Al Qua and Al Hayer healthcare centres.

Premarital medical examinations are an essential part of SEHA’s strategy to provide patients throughout the emirate with easy access to the best healthcare and affiliated functions. The extension of premarital screening and counselling services at the Mezyad Healthcare Center follows the addition of similar services at the Al Yahar Healthcare Center in Al Ain late last year.

To find out more about SEHA’s services, please book an appointment by calling 800 50.

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