A composite health package for all

A composite health package for all
Rameche Kannan, Founder and CEO of Novo Healthcare

Novo Healthcare links you to a value-added module of clinics and pharmacies, as it ensures a healing touch Novo Healthcare links you to a value-added module of clinics and pharmacies, as it ensures a healing touch


Ishtiaq Ali Mehkri

Published: Thu 24 May 2018, 11:36 AM

Last updated: Thu 24 May 2018, 4:04 PM

Rameche Kannan's humility is the bastion behind his success story. The Founder and CEO of Novo Healthcare (backed by Sabari Group Limited), is a very simple person, but articulate to the core. He knows his subject, has a vision to make it successful, and has turned the tables as his company rose to become one of the best healthcare service providers in the UAE within a span of few years.  
A professional in Finance and Management, he holds an MBA Finance degree, M.Com degree with two more professional accounting degrees. The Tamilian hails from Pondicherry, and made his way to the UAE almost a decade ago. He worked for Gulf Healthcare International and was a co-founder of Anglo Arabian Healthcare, Dubai.
Rameche's pivotal interest is in healthcare and he has been part of many primary healthcare projects throughout the GCC. He knows the inside-out of the healthcare business, and is skilled enough to convince anyone of a promising healthcare investment. He enthrals logic as he defines his priorities in healthcare, and foresees a day when Novo Healthcare will be an indispensable choice for a                          million-plus inhabitants in the UAE. His vision and expertise in the healthcare sector is an asset for all those who have big-ticket projects in the booming healthcare industry of the UAE, as Rameche has a plan for everybody. He is fond of making a strategic choice when it comes to acquiring sick units - be it clinics, pharmacies or diagnostic centres, and turns them around with his eloquent skills. The Novo CEO adds that "healing and comfort is our goal, and I strive for excellence in it as healthcare is my first choice."  
Rameche has crafted a 'value chain' in healthcare, and it perfectly matches the needs and requirements of a large number of people who look for cost-effective and cosy healthcare services in their vicinity. Thus, Rameche focuses on low- and middle-income groups to ensure that they have access to quality healthcare services, and are not dragged in unnecessary prescriptions and diagnostic procedures. This commitment acts as a policy tool to assure insurance companies and patients that Novo would not charge unnecessarily and take care of cost-utility at its best. 
Novo Healthcare today boasts of six clinics, 25 pharmacies, one diagnostic centre, pharma distribution, and hundreds of thousands of happy customers across the UAE. 
Novo Healthcare is busy acquiring new segments through which it plans to broaden the network of healthcare
services in a unique way of its own. It has a great pool of reputed, talented specialist doctors and a plethora of pharmacies, who are at the beck and call of Novo-linked health centres with a mindset of treating patients earnestly. 
Elucidating the role played by his pharmacies in acquiring and distributing low-cost drugs, Rameche says that Novo Pharma distributes a wide range of drugs from leading pharmaceuticals, and is mindful of generic brands and alternates. The intention is to make drugs available at competitive prices, and Novo has gone a long way in eliminating the middle-agent responsible for exorbitant price.  
"My team of experts and I identify and acquire sick units, whether they be clinics, pharmacies or any kind of private health units under independent doctors," says Rameche with a consolation smile on his face. Then Novo helps them turn into profitable units by adding value to it through investment. The module is to acquire, add value, make it feasible for business and exit. Rameche overcomes this tricky task by virtue of his strategic policy and articulation at its best. The fact that he personally knows the who's who of the healthcare industry, and they rely on his competence, makes the sailing smooth enough. 
Novo Healthcare has outlined an ambitious strategy of expansion, which exhibits its confidence in the market as well as the trust it enjoys. By the year 2020, it plans to have 100 pharmacies, four diagnostic centres, namely in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and the Northern Emirates; chain of 25 neighbourhood clinics, which will specifically target blue collar workers and mid segments, a Mother & Child hospital with 100 per cent female employees, and an exclusive home care facility for patients.
Rameche is open to challenges and his motto is: good healthcare for all. "My service is to add value to healthcare, give it a perfect ambience and regulate it as per best standards," he resolves.

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