Jade Tree and Fish

Jade Tree and Fish

Many houses that I have visited in South East Asia have such items scattered all over the house.

Statues of jade money tree and carp fish studded with precious stones are considered very auspicious in Chinese culture. Many houses that I have visited in South East Asia have such items scattered all over the house.

There are shops in Hong Kong and other parts of China that specialise in selling these items made with gold and diamonds. Somewhere along the line, these have become part of Feng Shui and now people associate jade trees and gold fish with generating wealth. Some believe that by placing expensive statues made of gold and diamond in the wealth area of their home, things would improve financially. As much as I would like to believe this, let me inform you that it’s just a myth.

In Chinese culture, jade symbolises nobility, perfection, constancy, and immortality. The Chinese believe that jade carries the essence of heaven and earth. Therefore jade is used as a wedding gift for couples or given to newborn babies. On the other hand tree symbolises growth and expansion. By creating a jade tree, Chinese believe that their wealth is going to expand and grow like a tree trunk. This belief stems from cultural significance rather than actual Feng Shui use. Using an item like this has a deep meaning for a Chinese but for other nationalities it is a simple piece of decoration. That is one of the reasons why a jade tree is not a Feng Shui item.

On the other hand in Chinese culture the symbol of fish is associated with two qualities - abundance and fidelity. It is mainly about getting wealth or finding a loving partner. When you see a Chinese Feng Shui image with two fish swimming, it represents everlasting love. Now the question is how can fish be used for Feng Shui? Live fish aquariums are used to activate wealth energy in Feng Shui. Actual water and real fish create a movement in your environment thereby stimulating the energy in that area. However as opposed to that a fish statue is static and cant help much in creating the necessary energy. It can have a psychological effect on you more than actual Feng Shui effect.

It is always advisable to activate the water energy or the prosperous energy through actual movement rather than displaying static objects that have cultural significance but no actual Feng Shui use.


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