UAE jobseeker visa holders warned against overstaying

UAE jobseeker visa holders warned against overstaying

Dubai - Temporary six-month residence visa doesn't require a sponsor.


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Published: Mon 29 Apr 2019, 8:31 PM

Last updated: Mon 29 Apr 2019, 10:39 PM

Violators of the six-month jobseeker visa will have to pay a Dh100-fine on the first day of violation, followed by a fine of Dh25 for every day of delay, the Federal Authority For Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) has clarified.
Saeed Rakan Al Rashidi, Director-General of Foreign Affairs and Ports at the FAIC, said violators of the jobseeker visa will be treated the same way as the residency visa violators.
"All those who have obtained the temporary visa should transfer his or her residency under a sponsor or leave the country before the visa expires, in order to avoid penalties, which include fines and may result in imprisonment and deportation," he added.
He confirmed that the temporary six-month residence visa doesn't require a sponsor and is not subject to exemption or extension. He urged all to abide by the visa's law in the event that they can not secure a job.
Al Rashidi said that introducing this visa came within the framework of the directives of the country's wise leadership to allow people to legally stay in the country. The 'jobseekers' initiative was created in cooperation with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.
"The holder of this visa should get a legal job to be able to stay in the country after the expiry of the visa," he said, urging citizens, residents and investors to make sure to transfer the holders of this visa under their sponsorship before hiring them, or else they will face a fine of Dh50,000. Al Rashidi pointed out that expiration date of 'jobseekers' visas issued in December 2018 will be in June 2019.
He stressed that the state will take firm action against violators by organising intensive search and prosecution campaigns to capture them, including imposing fines, jail time and deportation.

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