UAE citizenship: Education sector hails new law as futuristic

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Dubai - Top educationists said that the step aims at appreciating the talents and competencies already present in the country and attracting bright minds.

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Published: Sat 30 Jan 2021, 7:30 PM

Last updated: Sat 30 Jan 2021, 7:33 PM

The UAE’s education sector has hailed the amendment to the nationality law which seeks to attract more foreign talent to contribute to the country’s “development journey”.

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Top educationists said that the step aims at appreciating the talents and competencies already present in the country and attracting bright minds.

Dr Karim Chelli, president, Canadian University Dubai, said: “I think this is fantastic news. It speaks volumes about the leadership of the country. The vision and the wisdom behind this (move) is incredible and truly futuristic. The UAE will not only be able to attract but also retain the brightest people in the world over here. The UAE is already well known for its world class infrastructure, hospitals, education centres, openness and diversity.

“This decision will also be able to retain the best intellectuals and scientists here who will contribute to the development of the UAE. It will lead to a productive contribution towards the country and also benefit the region as a whole. I admire the leadership of this country for thinking about the long-term well-being of everyone.”

Dr David. A Schmidt, president, American University in Dubai, said: “We are always in full admiration of the UAE’s commitment to rewarding education, knowledge and talent. The announcement ... is a testament to the vision and growth that the UAE is set to witness in the coming years.

“Recognising people’s individual contributions to the country and offering them citizenship conveys the respect and humility of the UAE’s leaders towards expats’ contributions across all industries.

This great news comes as a follow-up to the announcement on extending residencies to university student’s families to live in the UAE. More than ever, the UAE’s leadership proves to be exemplary in investing in its human capital and opening its doors to hard working individuals eager to contribute to the country’s success story.”

Educationists contended that it is yet another milestone that comes along a transformation path and entails positive scientific and economic implications.

Professor Ammar Kaka, provost and vice principal for Heriot-Watt University Dubai, pointed out: “This is a historic move which will go a long way in retaining the best and the brightest brains, and boost the overall development of the UAE. Under the National Agenda, the goal of the UAE is to transition to a knowledge-based economy, and the wise leadership of this country has always worked tirelessly to develop talent, promote innovation and research and instill an entrepreneurial mindset.

Universities, especially, will have a key role to play in nurturing and developing talent, and we look forward to supporting the vision of government to the best of our capabilities. We are sure that these changes to the UAE citizenship law will attract quality talent and thereby boost the pace of economic growth.”

Dr Vajahat Hussain, Amity Education ME CEO, said: “Today’s announcement is yet another feel-good factor for UAE residents. At Amity Dubai, we have several scientists and researchers who have dedicated their lives to research and development in various fields. Many have participated in ground-breaking studies, received accolades for their work and presented several papers at conferences around the world. This will prove to be a great opportunity for us and other academics. In times of crisis, the UAE has proven that it is the best place to live in, with access to great healthcare and an unmatched quality of life.”

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