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Spit and pay Dh1,000 fine; Dubai cracks the whip on litterbugs

Spit and pay Dh1,000 fine; Dubai cracks the whip on litterbugs

New fines introduced and some of the existing ones hiked in a major crackdown on litterbugs, betel leaf (paan) chewers, spitters and other offenders violating rules on waste management and cleanliness

By Sajila Saseendran/senior Reporter

Published: Thu 25 Jun 2015, 1:32 AM

Last updated: Wed 8 Jul 2015, 2:53 PM

Dubai - Littering in Dubai beaches will now attract a fine of Dh1,000 while barbecuing in unauthorised public places and not cleaning up pets’ waste will invite a fine of Dh500 each.

Cracking the whip on those damaging the appearance of Dubai, the emirate will issue a fine of Dh1,000 on those sticking posters, ads and flyers without permission.

New fines introduced include those for causing oil leakage in sea, creek or ports (Dh3,000) and dumping pesticide cans in municipal garbage containers (Dh5,000).

Dubai introduced these new fines and hiked some of the existing ones in a major crackdown on litterbugs, betel leaf (paan) chewers, spitters and other offenders violating rules on waste management and cleanliness.

The emirate’s regulations from the last decade on littering, random waste disposal and other violations related to keeping the city clean and its environment safe will now be replaced with the new regulations announced on Tuesday. 

The Dubai Media Office said Shaikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, has endorsed the Executive Council’s Resolution No (14) of 2015 amending the penalties and fines on violation of Local Order No (11) of 2003 on Public Health and Safety of the Society in the emirate of Dubai.

The penalties and fines schedule attached to Resolution No (14) of 2015 revokes the penalties and fines schedule attached to Administrative Resolution No (30) of 2007. The new resolution seeks to preserve the civilised image of Dubai as (a) global city, it said in a Press release.

The amendment in the penalties and fines include wrong disposal of hazardous waste, building and demolition waste and industrial waste. Pursuant to the new resolution, improper disposal of wastewater is subject to a Dh100,000 fine.

Betel leaf chewers spitting in public places and people dirtying the streets with unauthorised car washing will also see their wallets lighter as fines for these offences have been hiked to Dh1,000 and Dh500 respectively from Dh500 and Dh100. It is understood that the Executive Council passed the resolution following a proposal from the Dubai Municipality which oversees waste management in the emirate.

More transparency

Speaking to Khaleej Times, Assistant Director-General of the Dubai Municipality for Environment and Public Health Services Sector Salah Amiri said the amendments in the law aimed at coping with the rapid developments in the city and making the penalty system more transparent to the public.

“As Dubai grew, a few fines were not available in our rules. We had to introduce them. There were other things which were not clear in our fine system. People would complain and ask for what they are paying certain fines. It was not clear for them. We had to clarify them, make clear definition of violations and penalties and make the system completely transparent.”

Certain violations and penalties such as spilling oil in the creek and waterways that damaged the environment also had to be properly defined and  brought under clear legal framework, he said.

In certain offences, such as spitting paan, Al Amiri said, the fine was increased as people continued to violate the rules even after being fined. “We had to increase the fine from Dh500 to Dh1,000 for spitting paan. Still people are not cooperating with us.”

Earlier, the municipality had held awareness campaigns asking shopkeepers and shop owners to share the responsibility of keeping the city clean and to help give a positive impression of Dubai to its visitors and tourists. -sajila@khaleejtimes.com

Hanging clothes in balconies Dh500
Barbecuing in unauthorised public placesDh500
Not cleaning up pets’ wasteDh500 
Dirtying the street by washing cars in unauthorised placesDh500
Littering in beaches, sea, creek, portsDh1,000
 Sticking posters, ads and flyers Dh1,000
Spitting paan in public places  Dh1,000
Urinating in public placesDh500
Disposing of waste in public places or on sites other than those designated to  dump themDh500
Littering in public placesDh500
Dropping waste or hazardous materials in places other than designated Dh5,000
Dumping construction debris and remains in places other than approved dumping groundsDh5,000
Getting rid of waste water in open placesDh100,000
Leakage of wastewater from the buildings or from water tank trucks on the roadDh10,000
Fall of any solid or liquid substances from concrete mixer trucks on the road Dh50,000
Disposing of used oil in the sewage networks or the septic tanks Dh3,000
Causing oil leakage in beaches, creek or ports Dh3,000
Littering garbage in sea water, creeks, beaches or ports Dh1,000
Disposing of waste by setting it afireDh1,000
Throwing parts or branches of trees in undesignated placesDh1,000
Getting rid of wastewater from cleaning vehicles in unauthorised placesDh500
Water leakage from air conditionersDh100
Leaving vehicles or heavy equipment in public places causing damage to public health and safetyDh500 plus impounding the vehicle/machinery after expiry of the granted period of warning

Not providing of a room or a chute inside the building for dumping waste

Not maintaining waste-storing facilities in the building


Not cleaning the buildingsDh1,000
Private firms or residential compounds not providing proper waste-storageDh5,000
Not changing the garbage containers according to the quantity of the wasteDh1,000
Not keeping external yards and parking lots cleanDh500
Offering cleaning and waste disposal services without licenceDh5,000
Disposing of garbage harmful to the public or garbage containersDh1,000
Moving garbage containers without approvalDh200
Scavenging in the municipality's garbage bins to collect recyclable materialsDh1,000
Damaging the garbage container or surroundingsDh1,000
Parking vehicles near waste bins  in a way that obstruct municipality's garbage trucksDh1,000
Dumping garbage from private company-owned vehicles to municipality's waste binsDh1,000
Failing to implement a proper recycling plan to reduce waste productionDh1,000
Bringing in, selling or using paan including betel leavesDh5,000
Not moving waste from auto garages on owners' expense to specified disposal sitesDh1,000
Not cleaning or maintaining garbage storing placesDh1,000
Changing or closing a garbage storing room in abuilding or compoundDh5,000
Changing or closing garbage storing rooms in a multi-storeyed building completely or partiallyDh1,000 per each room

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