Shaikh Hamdan launches Smart-Government plan

Shaikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council, on Wednesday launched the Hamdan bin Mohammed Smart-Government programme, which is designed chiefly to lay the foundation stone for creating Smart 
government in Dubai through 
developing the government 
work system.

Published: Fri 21 Jun 2013, 9:16 AM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 12:22 PM

“Today we launch the basic course for transforming Dubai government from excellent government to a future one that achieves number one according to the aspirations of the leadership”, said Shaikh Hamdan during 
the launch.

“We are not only looking forward to reaching the international level, but we yearn to become a world attraction hub in government work”, he said, noting that, “our objective is not only to excel, but to take the lead by creating a qualitative leap in the services of Dubai government at all levels, in a way that keeps in line with the directives of the higher leadership in the UAE government, and to ensure making unprecedented historic achievements with new concept for public service, and provide happiness to the public and match the requirements of the modern age and Dubai potentials”.

Hamdan bin Mohammed Smart-Government programme includes many important issues that ensures providing the necessary support to the government entities in the emirate for implementing the smart government initiative, and to implement the directives of the higher leadership in upgrading the government work system in the different departments, institutions and entities of Dubai government, as well as encouraging, backing and organising the government efforts in this field, to ensure transforming the vision of the higher leadership to a tangible reality in an organised and studied way.

Other topics the programme entails include Hamdan bin Mohammed Award for smart government, rehabilitation programmes for the leaders and stars of service as well as smart applications for employees and customers.

The Hamdan bin Mohammed Award aims at encouraging and honouring the government entities which achieve remarkable and sustainable improvement in their public services and the centres of rendering the different variety of services, and appear as an exceptional example and model in this domain.

It also aims to cast light on taskforce teams of leaders and public service providers for their effective role in pushing forward the wheel of positive change.

In an unprecedented initiative, the award is extended to cover the public, which pursues a new approach in evaluating the public services by providing the opportunity for voting by the public, both Emiratis and expatriates, in the Emirate of Dubai on the best initiative of improvement in Dubai government.

It lets the public share in the process of evaluating the services and cast light on their voices and views, which are regarded as the real indicator when it comes to helping make improvements in public services.

The Dubai Model Centre works within this framework on upgrading the implementation by use of smart phones to serve as an integrated gate for the Dubai government and provide the opportunity to those dealing with the government to cast their ballot on the paramount initiatives for improving the services, and put forward complaints, suggestions and expectations.

It also allows them to evaluate the government services through gauging the quality service, customers satisfaction and confidence in the government machinery, as well as sharing their experiences with the government.

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