Idex a knowledge hub: UAE

Idex a knowledge hub: UAE

The UAE’s top leaders said the country will continue to train its focus on investing in human capital and insisted that the International Defence Exhibition and Conference (Idex) is not an arms market but an opportunity to exchange constructive views and opinions on global issues in the larger interest of achieving stability and peace.

Idex a knowledge hub: UAEThey attributed the growing success of Idex to the country’s balanced political approach to international issues, efficient government, streamlined procedures and its reputation as a top provider of humanitarian aid.

In a statement to the Wam news agency ahead of Idex 2013 which opens at Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company (Adnec) today, His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, said the defence show is not an arms market, but an information store and a platform for updating information through exhibition of the latest inventions and modifications to air, land and sea weapons, as well as reconnaissance, observation, communication and logistic tools.

“States do not send delegations to exhibitions in order to buy arms. They do so to expand their knowledge, learn and view what is new. Armies do not determine their weapon systems within days or weeks, rather they take enough time to study, test and compare between alternatives before they take a decision. Deals that are concluded at such exhibitions are preceded by a decision that is made over months or even years.

General Shaikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, said Idex provides a favourable environment for exchanging constructive views and opinions on global issues and represents a call to achieve stability and peace and to address the challenges facing international security.

He said that the UAE, under the leadership of the President His Highness Shaikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, works to achieve humanitarian stability and security, not only in the UAE, but also globally.

Gen. Shaikh Mohammed said Idex is a milestone in scientific, cultural and economic development and represents one of the elements in diversifying the country’s sources of income. “We are highly confident that our national youth are capable of contributing to the creative organisation of large enterprises and shouldering the responsibility of ably running them. That is why we have spared no effort to invest in the national human capital to qualify it with science and knowledge and to polish its experience with training. This has produced young national human resources which can put our exhibitions and conferences on the international map,” Gen. Shaikh Mohammed added.

Speaking on factors which enabled the UAE to achieve global reputation in organising air and defence exhibitions, Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid said the nation’s qualified human resources held the key to the success of the exhibition industry. “Our male and female youth carry the nation in their hearts and are keen on ensuring its reputation and elevate its name through dedication and continuous work towards excellence and workmanship.”

Elaborating on reasons behind the UAE’s success in holding international events like Idex, Shaikh Mohammed said another element is the country’s commitment to sustainable development and its success in achieving it, as reflected by the ongoing growth and progress. “Our economy is the second largest in the Arab region after Saudi Arabia and registers annual growth. The UAE owns a world-class infrastructure which we continue to develop as we seek excellence in this respect. Our international ranking in terms of competitiveness and human development continues to go up. Through our planned work in spheres such as education, healthcare and women empowerment, we seek to reach the highest rankings.”

Speaking on preparations for the new edition of the Dubai Air Show, Shaikh Mohammed said the forthcoming 13th edition of the event will be held on November 17 and that preparations are afoot and as scheduled.

Expressing satisfaction over defence cooperation and coordination among GCC countries, he said: “Yes. Defence cooperation and coordination among the member states is ongoing, effective and covers all military spheres. The future promises the highest levels of cooperation and coordination. I am confident that GCC countries are one whole unit that is self-consolidating and that our leaderships and peoples are very closely united together.”

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