Gargash lambasts Guardian editorial

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Gargash lambasts Guardian editorial

The UAE is not that a pupil who takes instructions and directives, Anwar bin Mohammed Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and Minister of State for FNC Affairs, posted in his Twitter page on Friday, hitting out at an editorial article appeared in the UK’s The Guardian daily on Friday, offending the UAE.

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Published: Sun 21 Oct 2012, 8:58 AM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 12:10 PM

Gargash, in his Twitter posts, cited the achievements the country has made which are deemed as an evidence for the country’s success. “The Guardian daily once again comes out to attack the UAE, one could barely recognise the UAE through their words,” Gargash commented.

“We are telling the Guardian; ask your friends about their real view on women and their feelings towards tolerance and the nature of a partisan society they want the UAE to be,” he added.

Gargash said that affronting the UAE will not make it turn away from the approach it is adopting and the country will keep up that way to build a modern society. The editorial view about the UAE reflects ignorance of the reality and seemed to be fragile, using a transcendental language, he said.

“One must note that the Arab Spring has not produced successes that we wish to copy,” he said.

Furthermore, national laws and institutions remain as safeguards, despite portrayals that attempt to undermine our traditions and ways. “I don’t recognise the portrayal of the UAE in the Guardian today- referring to a news article that was carried in Guardian daily on Friday, October 19. Clearly they know very little with their condescending view,” Gargash went on saying.

“They choose to paint a partial picture and seem oblivious to progress, tolerance and stability.

“The logic is to measure Arab societies by their rules, with little weight given to all that has been achieved,” another post from the minister read.

“Show me one country that has produced and brought about by the Arab Spring to be a model to follow,” Gargash wondered, reiterating that “the UAE is the role model as long as it opened its doors to the world people to coexist peacefully and safely on its lands, which is lacking in the democracy you are sticking to.

My conclusion is that the internal front of the UAE is solid and the home (the UAE) is unified. Consequently the Muslim Brotherhood is trying to target the country’s reputation in the Western countries, and it seems that those people do not belong to their homeland (the UAE), Gargash said. “Such a strategy will not work, and will end in failure because the UAE has excellent records and good relations.”

Sooner or later, the double standards of the Muslim Brotherhood’s political address will become very clear and obvious, Gargash said, adding that “that’s why we had to hit out at that, and we cannot allow any more offences that are published without a reply,” Gargash concluded in his Twitter posts.—

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