Fujairah bans sky lanterns

A campaign to raise public awareness against the use, sale and purchase of sky lanterns, popularly known as Chinese lanterns, has been organised by the Environment Protection Section of Fujairah Municipality.

Held under the theme ‘Sky lanterns, a menace that surrounds society’, the awareness drive aims to highlight the perils of using and dealing in sky lanterns, and the consequences which could harm both humans and the surroundings.

The Fujairah municipality has warned against the haphazard use of such lanterns, calling upon community members, especially those who go into the wild and beaches, to refrain from using such toy-like objects.

Sky lanterns may come in different names and various sizes, but the common feature is that they have a flame and rise up to 500 feet posing a danger to air traffic.

Aseelah Al Muala, Director of the department of public services and environment of the Fujairah Municipality, said the municipality has begun organising an awareness and crackdown drive to make sure the market is free from such lanterns.


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