FNC members reveal issues they will tackle

FNC members reveal issues they will tackle

Khaleej Times asked them what their top priority will be when the FNC convenes.

By Marie Nammour, Afkar Abdullah and Ahmed Shaaban

Published: Mon 7 Oct 2019, 11:24 PM

Just-elected Federal National Council Members (FNC) have vowed to be the voice of the people in the UAE's parliament. A day after 117,592 Emiratis elected 20 representatives - including seven women - to the consultative council, Khaleej Times asked them what their top priority will be when the FNC convenes.
> Retirees welfare
For Sara Mohammad Amin Falaknaz, who was elected from Dubai, the future of retirees is a priority. "Retirees are 'the expertise bridges'. I will discuss the possibilities of appointing them as consultants or including them in the list of members of the boards of directors of departments of government or private authorities each in his/her field of expertise," she said.
> Job opportunities for fresh graduates
Falaknaz, who is a member of the Ministry of Finance consultants' council for the Mohammed Bin Rashid Fund for Invention, said granting opportunities to fresh graduates in the public or private sectors is at the top of her agenda. "My idea is to give them the chance to work as trainees for six-12 months. By the end of that period, they would become graduates with experience. The authority, at which they get the training and experience, will then either hire those trainees as employees or they could seek employment elsewhere with the skills they gained. It is a win-win situation for all."
> Integration of people of determination
Naema Al Mansouri, who was elected from Abu Dhabi, said she will focus on people of determination. "With my years of experience as the head of visually impaired people department at the Zayed Higher Organisation for People of Determination, I will do my best to secure the best services available for them.
"I will speak more for this important segment of society at the council, voice their concerns and ensure the provision of a friendly environment for them."
Al Mansouri attributed her success to people's trust and love. "I have always been in direct contact with my community over the span of my 20-year career," she said, noting that she is the first Emirati Braille teacher in the country.
Humaid Ali Al Shamsi from Sharjah has also prirotised supporting the people of determination. "My electoral programme includes ensuring assistance in cancer treatment and people with disabilities. I will also focus on providing more comprehensive services for citizens, besides supporting investments in the care of children, retirees and teachers."
> Women empowerment
Sabreen Hassan Al Yamahi became the first woman from Fujairah to have been voted to the FNC. She said women empowerment was at the top of her electoral agenda. "Several women voted for me as they believe I can play a big role in parliamentary work."
Obaid Al Ghoul, who won a seat from Sharjah, also said women empowerment was among his priorities.
> Raising people's concerns
Hamad Ahmad Sultan Al Rahoumi, who was elected for the third time straight from Dubai, said his discussions at the council would be a reflection of the citizens' interests and concerns. "I am flexible and willing to take people's worries and concerns for discussion at the council at any time. I don't want to limit myself to any specific subject," he said.
Al Rahoumi attributed his win to the people's support, his diligent work, perseverance and transparency in tackling various topics. In previous sessions, he has addressed issues like Emiratisation, pensions and retirees' matters, medical insurance and health in general.
Adnan Hamad Al Hamadi from Sharjah also vowed to do his best to serve the citizens and address their concerns.

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