Dubai Municipality honours employees for educational achievements

The Director-General of DM praises employees for securing their future with knowledge and developing their career track by obtaining higher educational degrees.

By (Wam)

Published: Mon 30 Dec 2013, 11:51 PM

Last updated: Fri 3 Apr 2015, 4:41 AM

The Dubai Municipality (DM) honoured employees who obtained higher educational qualifications and certificates during 2013 in a ceremony held at its main building in Dubai.

The Director-General of DM, Hussain Nasser Lootah, praised employees for securing their future with knowledge and developing their career track by obtaining higher educational degrees.

Lootah stressed that the municipality is keen to provide opportunities for employees to improve in all fields related to their career life. “We can see many employees reach higher positions within a few years of joining, with the support of the civic body in line with its vision and policy in human resources development. It is a mater of pride for us that the number of employees who achieve higher qualifications is increasing every year and we are committed to encouraging employees in all ways possible by giving them new and more roles in line with their qualifications,” Lootah said.

Khalid Abdul Rahim, Director of the Human Resources Department, said the civic body aims to be the leading government organisation in both the UAE and the region in terms of providing the best environment and opportunities for its employees to gain qualifications and hone skills in both work and extracurricular activities. “Our aim is to improve the overall personality of the employees, giving appropriate training and courses based on work requirements and the interests of employees in different areas. Also, DM allows employees to work only five hours if they attend any course approved by the HR department,” he said.

Fatima Al Zarouni from the Food Control Department, who secured a Master’s degree, expressed her immense pleasure at being honoured, and extended sincere thanks to the civic body for supporting her career and educational dreams throughout a decade with DM.

Amna Fahad Serkal, from Corporate Marketing and Relations Department, who has been studying for an additional degree in management, said: “I believe the Dubai Municipality is the best place to work as it provides whatever employees require to fulfil their educational plans such as reduced working hours without deducting from the salary, two days paid leave for each exam, in addition to scholarships and long leave if required.”

“I also hope that DM will consider the aspirations of its employees to be qualified in various areas even its is not related to their job, based on certain terms and conditions, in order to create a knowledgeable generation to lead our country,” she added.

Out of total 38 honoured employees, 10 obtained Master’s degrees, 20 Bachelor’s degrees, 12 diplomas and six higher secondary certificates, in addition to several course completion and achievement certificates.

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