6 times new UAE President Sheikh Mohamed delighted residents with surprise visits

Heartwarming gestures by the world leader that went viral in recent years


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Published: Mon 16 May 2022, 1:27 PM

Last updated: Mon 16 May 2022, 10:27 PM

Despite a taxing schedule that sees him working 18 hours a day, the new UAE President has always made time for his people. Whether it’s offering a prayer at a public mosque, or visiting a little girl at her home after inadvertently ignoring her at an event, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan is humility personified.

Here are six instances that prove the new UAE President is a people’s leader.

>> Making up for 'ignoring' a little girl at an event

This would be among the most heartwarming gestures to come from a world leader. Aisha Mohammed Mushait Al Mazrouei was among the scores of children who were part of an official reception hosted for Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdlulaziz back in 2019. Sheikh Mohamed had missed Ayesha’s stretched-out hand during the programme.

The people’s leader realised the girl’s disappointment and visited her at her home on the UAE National Day. There, he gave the little girl his undivided attention, repeatedly kissing her hand and forehead. Have a look at the video of the inadvertent slip and how Sheikh Mohamed made up for it after:

>> An emotional meeting with an elderly citizen

This is yet another heartwarming moment captured on camera; one that showcases just how humble the UAE President is.

In 2017, during a Ramadan majlis, Sheikh Mohamed is seen greeting an elderly citizen who is on a wheelchair. Sheikh Mohamed kneels in front of the citizen’s wheelchair so that the latter can kiss him on his head. Don’t miss the moment the leader bends down to adjust the senior citizen’s footrest on the wheelchair:

>> Meeting a carpet seller who became a viral sensation due to his love for Sheikh Zayed

In 2018, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed visited a carpet seller who became a legend after refusing to sell a carpet that had the image of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The Afghan seller, Musa Khan, became a viral sensation after he referred to his prized possession as ‘Baba Zayed’ and saying that he would not sell it for any amount of money:

Referring to the meeting, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed had tweeted about the “many people in the country who love us”.

“They share our dreams and aspirations. To them we say: The UAE is your second home,” he said.

>> Joining residents to offer prayer at a public mosque

When the call for prayer is given out, practising Muslims leave everything and head to the nearest mosque. And that’s exactly what Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed did back in 2017. He just walked into a public mosque in Dubai and joined other worshippers in offering a prayer.

After the prayer, he delighted residents by shaking their hands and interacting with them at the mosque.

>> My wish to meet him finally came true, says student after Sheikh Mohamed visits university

The UAE President has accorded the highest priority for education. In 2019, he paid a surprise visit to the United Arab Emirates University in Al Ain, where he interacted with students and faculty members.

Social media was abuzz after the visit, with students posting videos and images of their meeting with the leader. One even posted a video that showed Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed being introduced to a robot called Shamma:

>> Checking out a tourist attraction

In 2021, Sharjah opened a stunning new tourist attraction: Al Suhub Rest House or Cloud Lounge, which is a mountain-side stop that offers stunning views of Khor Fakkan from 600 metres above sea level.

Among the scores of people to check out the attraction was Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed. In the photo below, he is seen sitting at a table at the mountain-top restaurant in the midst of other patrons:


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