Global Village Dubai to make world's largest cup of tea


Global Village Dubai to make worlds largest cup of tea

Dubai - They will make the record Guinness World Records attempt on Thursday.


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Published: Tue 23 Jan 2018, 5:01 PM

Last updated: Tue 23 Jan 2018, 7:14 PM

With the weather continuing at a steady chill and thousands of feet of exciting experiences to cover, you'll want to keep your energy up at the premiere destination for family and fun; Global Village! And what better way to stay elevated than with a cup of tea?
Join Global Village in the attempt to break the Guinness World Records title on Thursday, January 25 for the largest cup of hot tea in the world!
In honor of this spectacular event we decided to highlight the most fantastic tea experiences at Global Village Season 22. Whether it's a traditional clear brew or a creamy 'chai' you can get your boost of energy by sampling delicious teas from around the world.
For the Love of Karak!
Before you even enter the park, Karak Tea stalls welcome you at the Gate of the World and the Cultural Gate. These Karak tea stalls are sprinkled all across the park and you won't go 50 meters before you bump into another one. Known as 'karak chai' or 'masala chai', which roughly translates to strong tea, versions of chai karak are prepared in South Asian homes daily. A blend of black tea, milk, sugar and cardamom, it is prepared by boiling this combination together on a low flame. Head to the Pakistan Pavilion and you can even try this tea in an original clay mug called a 'matka'. Or head to the gates of the India pavilion for Samovar tea. Samovars are made from metal and consist of a large urn-shaped container and a metal pipe running vertically through the middle. The tea pot is often placed on top of a samovar to keep it heated with the passing hot air. 
Interestingly, you will also find a variety of flavors of Karak Tea, to take home, at the KSA pavilion; from cardamom and sugar free, to coffee and ginger.
A New Take on Tradition
In the Turkey pavilion you will find fresh black tea being brewed at the food stalls. Imported directly from the famed province of Rize, this clear black tea can be taken strong (dark) or weak (light), and is traditionally served with beet sugar crystals known as 'toz seker' or a couple of sugar lumps. Enjoy a piping hot cup with some Turkish delight as you browse the shops.
Arguably one on the most famed nations for producing tea is Sri Lanka. It's no surprise that as its chief export the quality of black tea from Sri Lanka is unmatched. Original tea from Ceylon in all shapes and sizes can be found at many stalls in the South Asia pavilion. They offer a different variety of tea leaves, tea blends and flavors from Jasmine and Lemon to cardamom and ginger.
If you've had your fill of black tea you can always visit the UAE or Iran pavilions for a taste of saffron tea. Saffron has been nicknamed the "sunshine spice" and that's not just because of its red and sometimes yellow coloring. The spice is believed to have mood-boosting properties. It also has many different chemical components; some of these may help to reduce blood pressure and provide protection against heart disease.
On a healthier note, in fact, you can find a number of lighter, flavored, clear teas in the Morocco pavilion to refresh your pallet; the mint flavor is one of their most popular and can be enjoyed on the spot or even taken home for later.
If you are looking for a truly different tea time experience make your way to the Africa pavilion where you will find Appusto; they offer a completely new take on the traditional beverage. The super friendly and energetic staff will keep you on your toes chanting 'Appusto' (which translate to 'Amazing') as you order and sign your name on their walls with colorful marker. They make a special form of Karak tea called Jerak tea which is a must try. It is prepared in an Ethiopian clay pot called a Jebena.
Not your Average Tea
When you want to cool down, and if hot beverages are not your favorite, try some bubble tea from the food kiosk street. Bubble tea is similar to flavored milk. This milky iced tea drink can be flavored with chocolate, mocha and vanilla with little bubbles of flavor that burst in your mouth. Or perhaps you can sip on an iced tea at iWok restaurant in the food court while you sample their fiery menu.
The truly experimental and unique teas, however, can be found at the China pavilion. If you are looking to try something different they have flavors and blends that will surprise you. From rose hip, to lavender, Goji berry and the famous Matcha green tea the China pavilion has the most exotic brews and leaves any enthusiast could desire. Speak to the experts at the stall and they will share the best techniques for brewing and preparing each kind.
Whatever your preference Global Village is the only destination that offers something for everyone. The ability of this platform to bring together nationalities and cultures from all corners of the world, while they bond over a cup of tea, is truly something to be appreciated.

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