Saif Belhasa backs Diego

DUBAI - Al Wasl Football Company announced the signing of a new contract with Saif Belhasa Group of Companies to sponsor Diego Maradona, a media release stated.

Under the new agreement, Maradona will sport Belhasa’s logo during his presence with Al Wasl team in all local competitions and at press conferences held by the coach.

A Press conference was held on Monday at Al Wasl’s conference hall in the presence of Marwan bin Beyat, Chairman of Al Wasl Football Company; Saif Belhasa, Chairman of Saif Belhasa Group of Companies; and Diego Maradona, Head Coach of Al Wasl, to confirm details surrounding the contract.

During the conference, Bin Beyat expressed his pride in the development; Belhasa Group of Companies is considered a strategic partner for the club. This rises from years of affinity between Al Wasl and Belhasa, starting from when the group sponsored Al Wasl Football Team three years ago, then Al Wasl Football Academy last year and now, with Maradona.

Bin Beyat said: “We personally extend our sincere appreciation to Saif Belhasa for his support and dedication to Al Wasl. We are pleased to partner with prestigious partners that mirror our development, rising from a profound history and evolving to become a beacon for their country.

“We hope to extend and expand on this partnership over the next years, as we work together to upgrade the status of UAE Football worldwide.”

Belhasa said: “We pride ourselves in cooperating with a great team like Al Wasl, as we strongly believe in their journey, and want to be part of their ambitious destination by all means possible. Together we can strengthen sports in the region, a value that lies in our goals as well – contributing to the community.

“We do this to promote the spirit of the sport among the children of the nation, drawing worldwide attention to football in the UAE and raising our status as a developed county around the globe.”

Maradona commented: “We thank all our supporters and we appreciate the role of Belhasa Group of Companies in the team’s development.

“I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Mr. Saif Belhasa for exclusively selecting me for this sponsorship opportunity, which is a great honor at the threshold of a new dawn for the club. I hope that this initiative will be fruitful and successful over the next season, which we are highly enthusiastic about.” On the sidelines of the conference, Maradona stressed the importance of the coming period for the team; he and the players are doubling their efforts to achieve advanced positions.

Maradona confirmed that the team is heading in the right direction after winning the last three matches and progressing to fourth spot by the end of the thirteenth round of the league

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