Tuck in treats

Grace Guino
Grace Guino

Treats that make you want to tuck right in

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By Grace Guino

Published: Fri 26 Jul 2013, 9:29 PM

Last updated: Mon 11 Oct 2021, 10:01 AM

Recipes by: Dejun Fu

Chef, The China Club, Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Deira Creek


Serves: 2


Prawn with tail, 
without shell 280 gm

Chilli, red, round, dry 30 gm

Tomato paste 30 ml

Water 50 ml

Hawthorn, sliced 10 gm

Vinegar, white 5 ml

Salt 5 gm

Chicken powder 2 gm

Garlic, fresh, sliced 5 gm

Spring onion, sliced 5 gm

Ginger, sliced 5 gm

Oil, for cooking 5 ml

Potato starch 4 gm

Potato starch with water 5 gm

Sesame seeds, white, baked 2 gm

Egg white 1 pc

Chilli oil 2 ml

Lemon juice 3 ml

Sugar 20 gm


Clean prawn and cut butterfly style.

Marinate prawn with a sticky mix of 3 gm salt, chicken powder, egg white and potato starch.

For the sauce, mix tomato paste with water, sliced hawthorn, salt and sugar; boil then add the lemon juice and vinegar.

Heat oil in a wok and cook the marinated prawn till the colour changes. Remove from heat.

Heat garlic, ginger, spring onion and dry chilli.

Add prawn to the mix and continue stirring.

Add the sauce, followed by the potato starch with water mix.

When the sauce becomes dry, add chilli oil and top with sesame seeds.

Arrange on a plate and serve.


Serves: 2


Beef fillet 280 gm

Onion, minced 5 gm

Garlic, minced 5 gm

Water 40 ml

Pepper, red 5 gm

Pepper, green 5 gm

Black pepper powder 3 gm

Oyster sauce 5 ml

Salt 3 gm

Chicken powder 2 gm

Baking powder 1 gm

Iceberg lettuce 6 leaves

Egg white 1 pc

Oil, for cooking 5 ml

Potato starch 5 gm

Potato starch with water 5 gm

Soybean sauce, dark 5 ml

Sugar 5 gm


Shred the beef fillet to 6cm x 0.5cm x 0.5cm.

Marinate beef with water, salt, chicken powder, 2 ml oyster sauce, 3 gm sugar, 3 ml soybean sauce, potato starch, egg white and baking powder.

Cut the lettuce into oval shapes, clean and arrange on a plate.

Heat oil in a wok then add beef and cook until medium well done. Remove from heat.

Heat the wok again and add garlic, red pepper, green pepper and black pepper powder.

Add sugar, oyster sauce and dark soy sauce, and mix in the beef.

Add the potato starch with water mix, and when the sauce becomes dry, remove and place atop lettuce leaves. Serve.


Serves: 2


Cucumber 280 gm

Garlic 15 gm

Pepper, red 20 gm

Sesame oil 3 ml

Salt 4 gm

Chicken powder 2 gm


Clean the cucumber and red pepper and cut them into lozenge shapes.

Mince the garlic and add, along with salt and chicken powder, to the cucumber and pepper slices.

Mix with sesame oil and arrange on a plate, with the red pepper on top.

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