Masala Incredible: Tom Cruise enjoys an Indian MI at Dubai-born Asha’s

UAE restaurant at the forefront as Hollywood star dines at UK outlet


A Staff Reporter

Published: Mon 23 Aug 2021, 1:51 PM

Is there a better dining experience than a weekend evening curry? We don’t think so and neither, so it appears, does legendary screen actor Tom Cruise. A common thread binding the UAE and the UK is our seemingly perpetual quest for the best Indian food upon which we can lay our hands. It’s therefore fitting Cruise, who is currently filming his latest Mission: Impossible installment in Britain, chose a Dubai-born restaurant to enjoy his meal. The Asha’s outlet in Birmingham carries an identical stellar reputation as its original UAE counterpart, which you can find at WAFI. Since our city’s eatery celebrated its inauguration in 2012, success has been so forthcoming the brand now counts 15 restaurants across the British Isles and the Middle East.

On Saturday night, the 59-year-old Risky Business (1983) performer chose his nearest Asha’s in the Midlands area, on Newhall Street in Birmingham to be precise, and sat down to a chicken tikka masala with his friends. What a choice!

It is believed Cruise dined with film director Christopher McQuarrie and reportedly loved the dish so much he ordered a second one, which he insisted on sharing. We can only hope he asked for a Few Good Naans to go with it. (

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