Back to school in UAE: Your guide to packing a super nutritious lunch through the week

Children who consume healthier food options tend to be more focused during classes


Nasreen Abdulla

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Published: Tue 30 Aug 2022, 7:00 AM

With over a million students going back to school, experts are stressing on the need for packing healthy lunchboxes to ensure efficient nutrition.

A Dubai Municipality (DM) guide indicates that there is strong scientific evidence that supports the link between healthy eating, physical activity and success in school. According to it, children who consume healthier food options and are physically active tend to be more focused during classes and have better memory.

Meanwhile, some doctors have reported seeing a drop in childhood obesity over the last couple of months. They have attributed it to the UAE government’s staunch stand against the epidemic.

Last week, in an interview with KT, DM officials had revealed their strategies to bring about long-lasting nutritious changes to the eating culture through school canteens.

Weekly Guide

In their guidelines and requirements for food and nutrition in schools in Dubai, a panel of experts from DM have listed a weekly guide to ensuring proper nutrition for students.

For breakfast, it is encouraged to give complex carbohydrates, dairy and a serving of fruit.

1 slice bread with low fat cheese spread Low fat yoghurt with berriesAvocado cucumber sandwich 3 slices of apple 1 small Laban Chicken lettuce sandwich in pita bread 4-5 orange peels Cottage cheese sandwich in multigrain bread 1 small banana Oats porridge ½ banana and low-fat milk

The guide advises parents to include vegetables, protein and some fruit for lunch.

Rice with sauteed vegetables and beans 1 Banana 1 LabanChicken lettuce tortilla wrap Low fat homemade fruit yoghurt Wholewheat pasta with vegetables/ chicken, tomato sauce and cheese Orange juice Small pita bread sandwich with tuna and corn Fresh orange juice Steamed rice with lightly sauteed mixed veggies/ chicken 1 apple Lemonade

For snacks, it is advised to give bite sized vegetables, fruits, nuts, wholegrain products or pulses.

Baby carrots with hummusLow fat yoghurt with fresh cut fruits Some raw nuts Small zip lock bag of homemade popcornMixed raw nuts and dried fruitWholegrain crackers with bean dip


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