Dubai: 7 must-try Oman Chips dishes

And where you can find them

Oman Chips sushi from Moshi
Oman Chips sushi from Moshi

Somya Mehta

Published: Thu 3 Mar 2022, 8:18 PM

Oman Chilli Flavour Potato Chips. If you’ve been living in the UAE — or the Middle East — long enough, this description will definitely ring a bell. If it doesn’t, you’ve probably been living under a rock. If there’s one snack the UAE kids grew up on, it’s these chilli-coated, golden-yellow crisps, famously known as Oman Chips.

Turning into somewhat of a national delicacy, these famous munchies have been famously adapted into as many cuisines and dishes as one can fathom. Be it in a Japanese avatar of a sushi, or a South Indian dosa, from English sandwiches to Emirati regag — there isn’t a single Oman Chips rendition you’d want to miss out on...


An Emirati joint for all things classic in the UAE, the HumYum menu is filled with traditional dishes like Falafel, Paratha Sambosa and Shish Tawook. Their Chips Oman Paratha is the perfect mix of Arabic flavours coming together in a Kerala-style ‘parotta’. A must-try for Oman Chips fanatics.

Location: Umm Suqeim

Yummy Dosa

This Mumbai street-style restaurant offers 99 plus varieties of the South Indian dosa, including both authentic and fusion options. Their crispy thin layer of dosa with a generous topping of Oman Chips, cheese and some veggies is an ultimate satisfaction for those cravings. The burst of flavours can also be enjoyed through their other offerings like Pizza Dosa and Nutella Dosa!

Location: Al Karama


Their burger called “The Arbab” (well, isn’t the name enough?) consists of deep-fried breaded chicken, their famous “Arbab” sauce, Oman Chips, lettuce and jalapeños, served in an NYC-style potato bun. Talk about world cuisine coming together! On the occasions, you feel like shaking things up, try this unique combination instead of going for the same old cheeseburger, and you might just discover a new favourite!

Location: JLT

Seashell restaurant

Situated in a prime location, it’s hard to give this one a miss. Whether you’re making your way to or from the Jumeirah beach, their Oman Chips Parotta Sandwich, oozing silky, rich cheese with a generous topping of Oman Chips, wrapped exquisitely in a lighter-than-air ‘parotta’ (Indian flour bread), is just what you need to satiate your afternoon cravings!

Location: Jumeirah

Al Labeeb Bakery

A hidden gem of the UAE — if you’ve not been here yet, you better hurry. This grocery-cum-bakery will surprise you with the most delicious Oman Chips regag. Regag is a popular Emirati snack, a type of wafer thin bread, with an even thinner layer of egg, spread evenly on top. Add Oman Chips to the mix, and you’ve got a winner!

Location: Jumeirah 3


This homegrown oriental diner, bringing together ‘Momo’ and ‘Sushi’, has a wide variety of fusion sushi that caters to many different palates. Easing you into the sushi journey, Moshi has ample of well-cooked options, including their famous Cheesy Chips Oman Maki Rolls that seamlessly blend the two favourites together into Japanese goodness. Some of their other eclectic mixes include Zaatar and Labneh Sushi and Flamin’ Chicken Cheetos sushi.

Location: Oud Metha

Vasai Local

Oman Chips — but make it desi! Vasai Local serves the classic Vada Pav, a dish native to the Indian state of Maharashtra — with the UAE twist! Picture this. Oman Chips coated with the traditional deep-fried potato dumplings, placed in a bun, with savoury chutneys. The Oman Chips Vada Pav is unique creation, infusing the UAE emotion with the Indian flavour, representing–with it’s ingredients–the culturally diverse locale of the country.

Location: Al Karama

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