World Pasta Day: Will the real pasta stand up, please?

To mark World Pasta Day on October 25, we root for the underdog, the pappardelle, gnocchi, et al.

by Purva Grover

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Published: Sat 24 Oct 2020, 1:28 PM

Last updated: Sat 24 Oct 2020, 1:30 PM

Short, long, stuffed, sheet, dumpling…there are many types of pasta, yet time and again, we end up praising the good ol’ Mac n’ Cheese, the classic Arrabiata, and the simple Fettuccine Alfredo. No offence to the elbows, spaghetti, and vermicelli, but on World Pasta Day -- yes, it’s today and in 2020, we’re not letting go of any opportunity when it comes to celebrating tiny moments or meals – we’re cheering on for the less cooked, the lesser bought, and the least known types of pasta and the paraphernalia. And helping us root for the underdogs are the chefs from a deliver only pasta restaurant, Go! Pasta, Dubai, by Cloud Restaurants.

Drum roll for the hand-rolled dumpling type paste ‑ gnocchi, with potato as the base ingredient. Gnocchi Chicken and Sundried Tomato, dense and creamy, we enjoyed the melt-in-the-mouth, airy, light dumpling offering. Next up, we dug into the big, broad, and sturdy pappardelle. Yes, it’s as tough to pronounce (pa-par-day-lay), as it is tough to roll up on the fork! We managed to roll up the Truffle Portobello Pappardelle until no ends were dangling.

The hearty sauce with the meaty-taste of the large, dark mushrooms and the deep musky truffles was a perfetta. Cognate of the English word pen is the cylindrical shaped penne, a pasta type often forced to settle for a tomato sauce. Here’s a shout out for the Pink Penne, the Pomodoro (red sauce gets its hue from the cream); no complaints from our end. After all, the pasta has our health vote as well, low sodium and cholesterol-free, and can provide the right amount of carbs, when selected carefully.

Well, on some days, there’s nothing better than pasta, and today does seem like a good day to up your pasta quotient as you eat. Order your homemade pasta from Go! Pasta via any of the food delivery apps like Deliveroo.

Purva Grover

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