Fifa World Cup: Three men arrested for reselling World Cup 2022 tickets

Qatar's Ministry of Interior stated that anyone violating the law shall be penalised with a massive fine of up to Dh252,198

Photo: Qatar Ministry of Interior
Photo: Qatar Ministry of Interior

By Web Desk

Published: Mon 14 Nov 2022, 6:15 PM

Security officials in Qatar arrested three men on Monday for reselling tickets for the Fifa World Cup, which is slated to kick off on November 20 between Qatar and Ecuador.

In a series of tweets, the Qatar Ministry of Interior revealed that the men were of different nationalities and were selling tickets outside the official platforms specified for that and approved by Fifa and the host country.

A blurred image of the three men, along with seized tickets, laptops and several phones, have also been posted by the officials on social media. The accused have been referred to the competent authorities for further legal procedures.

Authorities issued a stern warning to violators of the law stating that, "Fifa has the sole and exclusive right to issue, sell, distribute and sell tickets, and it is not permitted to issue, sell, resell, redistribute or exchange tickets without a license from Fifa or its authorised representative."

Anyone violating the law under Article No. 19 of Law No. 10 of 2021 shall be penalised with a massive fine of not exceeding QAR250,000 (Dh252,198).

The penalty shall be multiplied by the number of tickets subject to the violation, and in all cases, the court will order the confiscation of the violating materials.

The authorities call on the public to abide by the laws and procedures that regulate the process of reselling tickets to avoid the penalties stipulated by the law.


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