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Dubai - No such thing as a boring day in the world of the Internet. Take a look at the best memes of the week from our #Memesaab column

By Mahwash Ajaz

Published: Thu 24 Jun 2021, 5:46 PM

So let’s take a quick look at the best memes/visuals of the week!

When Joe Met Putin!

Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden met and it was awkward. But not for long. Because soon after, the Internet did its thing and before you knew it, Bernie Sanders’ mitten and jacket image was inserted between the two of them. There were many memes around their meeting but you gotta admit this was the best.

Still looking for the genius who made this. If you see this, holler!

Waste Time Chasing Cars

Like the Snow Patrol song, I’m in a terrible, toxic relationship with the Internet. Proof one: I laughed for way too long at this:

My favourite post this week was a small text box that appeared on my timeline. “Your job should be your second priority. Your first priority should always be being insane on Twitter.” Dare I say I’m handling my priorities very well, being insane on Twitter is the first and the last thing I do in a day.

But it’s not all a waste!

It isn’t a total loss. Riz Ahmed, one of Hollywood’s recent darlings, spoke up about the importance of representation in animated films. He’s made a fair point — but (the but that the Internet has made all the more important through its contrarian nature) wouldn’t it be better if we had newer stories? I mean do you really want to see a Muslim Popeye? Wouldn’t it be better if instead of reinventing classics to get diversity points, we created more nuanced characters that are more suited to today’s world? You decide.

Mercury Rising

The Internet also made some pertinent comments about the rising temperatures in the summer for the Gulf region and the subcontinent as well. Whoever you are, sir, you have my respect.

But we all know this guy? Hasan Ali was seen doing in the Abu Dhabi match, in PSL, what we’ve all done in our childhood. Stand in front of the fan and possibly dance to its movements.

Cries After Looking at the Bill that I’ve Spent on Expensive Skincare Range

Girls, you know this is true.

One Meme to End it All

A big part of adulting is avoiding existential dread. And no, 24-year-olds, you can’t coopt this. You can only step into this dread-gallery when you are inching closer to your 40s. Until then, experiment and enjoy your clean skin.


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