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Legacy ornaments for modern women

By Somya Mehta

Published: Thu 18 Mar 2021, 4:32 PM

The obsession with jewellery has long been weaved into the traditions of several cultures. Albeit an expensive affair, women in India have revered the adornment of exquisite ornaments for as long as one can remember. And as the modern woman continues to evolve, the traditional notions of jewellery limited to accentuating and beautifying appearances, too, remain ever-changing. Isharya, a jewellery brand launched in 2004, by sisters-in-law Gauri and Radhika Tandon, combines traditional opulence with contemporary minimalism, to symbolise the evolution of womanhood, with their statement-making jewellery. The designer duo’s timeless collections are set to be exhibited at the Numaish Lifestyle Exhibition from March 19-20.

Merging evolving trends and traditional heritage techniques, the sisters-in-law take great pride in blending the old with the new. “We enjoy taking age old jewellery-making techniques and applying them in unique, new ways. For example, we frequently use mirror glass to mimic Indian polki, also known as rose cut diamonds. We use Indian style enamel as a way to infuse colour to our pieces and take inspiration from exotic gemstones and their natural beauty.”

Built on an overarching belief that luxury should be attainable, expressive and well-made, the duo add: “We decided to create a jewellery assortment that would address the void we observed in the market for high-quality, Indian-inspired costume jewellery. The pieces we make are pieces we would want to wear.”

Amongst a plethora of carefully-designed Isharya collections, the Legacy collection is the designer duo’s favourite. “Due to the symbolism, personalisation, and rich folklore, Legacy: Then and N.O.W. has been our favourite. The collection is truly special as it has entirely been made in India by local artisans, focusing on India’s craftsmanship and design, using traditional Indian techniques.”

The Legacy collection, a range of talisman jewellery inspired by ancient wisdom, was conceived during the pandemic, when the hustle and bustle of one’s daily life came to a standstill. “Our Autumn Winter 2020 collection was ready before the pandemic hit but as we paused and reflected on the enormity of what was going on, we soon realised that the collection didn’t feel right. So, we scrapped it.”

As socialising became virtual and people started to spend most of their time at home, the designer duo was quick to acknowledge the need to stay pertinent as a brand, adapting to the changing priorities and tastes. “It would be ridiculous to expect anyone to need dramatic chandelier earrings at the time. ‘Keyboard styling’ was the order of the day and people wanted comfort, a connection to something larger and a sense of protection. That is how the idea of easy to wear, layer-link necklaces and bracelets came about, with charms that represent hope, protection, peace and strength,” say the Tandon sisters, essaying the need to create an affordably-priced jewellery line, easily accessible for gifting occasions.


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