How to set up your home gym

Dubai - With work from home has come workout from home. Here are some tips to do up your exercise area

By Neha Yoosuf

Published: Thu 24 Jun 2021, 12:14 PM

Whether you stay in an apartment or a villa, home gyms have become an absolute necessity, especially during the pandemic. It is a great advantage to have a mini gym setup at home, given the fluctuating nature of public safety rules. With a home gym, you can make it easier for yourself to stick to a workout routine and also make the most of your space.

Start by prioritising the equipment you know you will use. Treadmills, air bikes and rowing machines do tend to take up space and it’s crucial to know which equipment is worth occupying your floor area. Make sure that your weight storage or rack has some space around it. Avoid cluttering your gym by investing in a good storage space. Low height storage units can be used to store away the smaller exercise equipment like workout bands, gloves, yoga mats, etc. You can even utilise your wall space to hang the yoga mats or resistance bands.

Perhaps, you do not have a dedicated space that you can utilise or transform into a gym and are looking for an easily convertible option. An office study or even a corner of your living room can be quickly altered, to accommodate your necessary gym equipment. Let’s consider a home office that you might have recently set up. Dedicate a part of the study for your home gym, ensuring adequate floor space for the larger equipment. Make use of storage cabinets with drawers or shutters to hide away all the loose workout material. You can definitely find just enough space in your living room corner, to spread out a yoga mat and work with some dumbbells. Lightweight furniture, which can be moved around and put back in place easily, is ideal if you are looking for a quick, no-hassle transformation.

Basements are perfect for that full-fledged gym makeover. If your gym lacks light, mirrors are the go-to solution to make the space look brighter and bigger. Moreover, full-length mirrors extending from one corner of the wall to the other will definitely make it look like a more dedicated gym space.

Gym flooring is a crucial point to consider, when it comes to setting up a home gym. The impact of weights and heavy equipment can damage the regular floor finish if you’re not careful. There are various rubber flooring mats of different colours and price range that are available in the market. You can also find multiple ways to treat the gym walls. Feel free to put up motivational wall stickers or posters in your workout space. If you are looking to go for the complete gym look, a great idea is to have a wall with back painted glass, where you can jot down your daily goals and targets. Or you can even set up your very own meditation or yoga sanctuary, with light-coloured walls and minimal distractions.

Large or small, lack of space is not an excuse for avoiding your workout. Design and plan your gym in a way that works best for you and the space that you already have.

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