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Hanoi / Vietnam - April 2020 : Modern and luxury bedroom design, black wooden furniture, glass door wardrobe, nice bedding stuff
Hanoi / Vietnam - April 2020 : Modern and luxury bedroom design, black wooden furniture, glass door wardrobe, nice bedding stuff

By Muskaan Noronha

Published: Thu 20 May 2021, 6:48 PM

It can be difficult to find the right wardrobe that meets all of your needs because there are so many options available. As a result, there are a few points that can assist you in either designing your wardrobe or purchasing the accessories. As you create your own list of requirements, bear in mind that your wardrobe should be beautifully curated as well as clutter-free and organised. Your shoes, handbags, clothes etc., should be ideally located as per your daily routine.

Pull outs are one of the most functional things that are used in a wardrobe, as these are space-effective and also very easy to use. There are various types of pullouts that can be found in a wardrobe, such as a trouser tray, clothes rod, jewelry trays, shoe racks, and tie hangers. As you can see, the list is endless, so you can be rest assured that you will definitely find something that caters to your needs.

A must-have for all wardrobes are inbuilt lights. LED sensor-lighting, which switches on when you open the wardrobe shutters, make for great additions. This also adds to the aesthetics of your wardrobe by essentially glamming up your outfits. If your cupboard has glass shutters, incorporating concealed lights can add a nice touch of warmth to your dressing space.

Wood, glass, veneer and lamination are the types of shutter finishes you can choose from. Lamination and wooden finishes are one of the most widely used ones, for wardrobes, as they are durable and water resistant. Mirror shutters are the best option if there isn’t enough space in your bedroom to accommodate a mirror and it will also make your space look bigger. Glass shutters can give a very lightweight look to your space. Within the glass range, there are many options like tinted or fluted glass that you can choose from, depending on your taste.

Wardrobe doors can be swing, sliding or automatic shutters. According to your space constraints, you can decide which kind of shutter works best for you. In tight corners of your room, where the full swing of doors cannot be accommodated, sliding shutters are the way to go. Adding closet organisers is a bonus. Nowadays, you can find an organiser for anything — jewelry, watches, clutches, you name it.

Handles are also crucial in terms of usability, appearance and feel. There are many varieties of elegant and functional handles. Nickel-pulls and finger-pulls are ideal for creating an elegant and sleek look to your wardrobe. For example, your wardrobe will imbibe a timeless and luxurious look with knurled brass handles. For sliding shutters, a concealed handle, such as a flush pull, may be recommended.

As wardrobes are such an important part of your everyday life, it is essential that you devote time and resources to customising one that suits your needs.

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