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Dubai - Smart choices to make the most of your space

By Liza Pinto

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Published: Thu 12 Aug 2021, 9:12 PM

Studio apartments, at first impression, might have your mind racing for extreme space-saving furniture pieces and the worry of lack of space. Small rooms can be a bit tricky in making the most out of the existing storage and space constraint. However, with the right furniture, a bit of DIY and smart aesthetic tricks, any studio apartment can be transformed into a spacious and cosy space.

Even in small spaces, you can play around with zoning. In fact, creating a visual distinction between different uses in a studio can bring out a lot of creative design hacks. Colour blocking can allow you to create a clear distinction of your living and sleeping area. Pick two complementary colours or a neutral shade with an accent colour and use those colours as wall paint finishes, rug patterns, cushion covers or joinery colours to differentiate the spaces. This is a very easy and fun way to bring in a bit of visual character to a studio. Another technique is to use room dividers or curtains to distinguish your functional spaces. Room dividers don’t have to be boring! In fact, there is a lot of quirky, unique and modern designs out there. Glass-panelled dividers are perfect for bringing in that visual distinction as well as distributing the daylight throughout your room. You can even use foldable patterned or textured screens that can be conveniently tucked away when hosting a small gathering or to be used as beautiful and functional feature piece.

Use low and multi-functional furniture pieces that do not block your space and that can double up as two or three furniture items into one. When picking out a dining table, consider one that can perhaps even be used as a makeshift work table. This saves a lot of space in accommodating another table. Opt for pouffes or ottomans that can be pulled out and tucked away easily when you have guests over. Furniture can also act as seamless transition unit between two spaces. Instead of placing furniture items against the walls, consider locating them in places where two functional areas of your space meet. For example, the foot of your bed can transition into your living room or home office. Either place a sofa set or a study desk which can also be used as a console unit with accessories when not in use. Sofa beds or bed with storage are a must-have in studio apartments. The wall above your bed can be utilised for storage as well by fixing open shelves to accommodate books or decorative pieces.

You can get creative and DIY some of your furniture units as well. A foldable work desk is an easy and functional solution for your work-from-home situation. Make use of mirrors at the entrance or in your living room corner to make the space look bigger. Wall with windows make for perfect seating corners so you can place your chaise lounge or a foldable ledge to accommodate for two people dining seating.

Just because of space constraints, do not limit yourself in terms of colours and textures. Bring the pops of colours in the furniture or accent walls. However, set a neutral base palette onto which these colours can be layered upon. With these few tricks, see how studio apartments can be equally well furnished and look spacious as any other regular apartments!


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