Easy tips and tricks to decorate your garden

By Muskaan Norhona

Published: Thu 17 Jun 2021, 7:37 PM

With ample sunlight being an advantage in this part of the world, investing in your home garden is a great idea. Even though the heat is unbearable during peak summers, landscaping and providing adequate shading can give some form of respite and allow you to make the most out of sunny days and your garden or balcony.

Landscaping entails more than simply placing a few plants in the vicinity of mowed grass lawns. By harmonising the soft space, such as plants and foliage, along with the hardscape, such as paved pathways and stepped levels, beautiful and serene gardens can be created right at your doorstep. It’s definitely worth spending time on detailing and understanding your landscape requirements which works best for you and your family.

Choosing appropriate outdoor furniture will be determined by your level of comfort, whether you are simply dining or lounging. Rattan outdoor furniture pieces are made to embrace the homely garden vibe and moreover, they can work well with any of your existing garden furniture. When buying outdoor furniture, examine its practicality, such as if it can be used throughout the year, whether the material is robust and long-lasting or whether it is washable. These are just a few points to consider as there are various options in the market.

Patios are wonderful gathering and spill-out spaces. You can set up a dining table and chairs or if you have adequate space, consider incorporating sunken seating as part of the deck. Patios can be connected directly from your interior spaces so that when hosting a party, it extends into a larger area. Or if the patio is a separate entity, you can have paving or stepping stones leading up to it with bollards on either sides. The front yard also requires equal attention in terms of design. Incorporating small water fountains or a Zen garden at the entrance creates a nice ambiance.

If you have limited outdoor space and want to maximise its usage, there are a couple of things you will need to consider. Firstly, understand the main purpose of your outside space and how often it will be used. Loose items like loungers, armchairs or sunbeds that take up a lot of space. Prioritise and limit the number of furniture to what is essential. Afterwards, if space permits, you can consider adding a water feature, pergola, bar station, storage system and other features. Don’t overcrowd your garden; the visual composition should not look too busy and should allow for enough circulation around each element.

For those staying in apartments, your balconies can also be revamped to a greener and cozier space. You can add hanging planters or floor pots along the railing side. You go for either a swing chair or cushioned floor seating for a larger gathering.

Given the current scenario and the fact that most people spend most of their time at home, investing in landscape design is a wise decision. Creating a tranquil garden refuge with a round paved courtyard, shady trees, stepped paths, an open grassy lawn for children and pets, would give new meaning to spending time outdoors.


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