Be your own Barista: Brew your favourite coffee from home

Dubai - We are slowly returning to work but are holding on to the brewing skills we picked up during the WFH days, investing in various brewing tools to perfect the cuppa


Purva Grover

Published: Wed 23 Jun 2021, 7:42 PM

As work-from-home became a reality, we did miss the coffee from the cafés and believe it or not even the coffee that came out of the vending machine in the office. From whisking Dalgona coffee at home to investing in portable tiny coffee machines, to even signing up for a brewing masterclass, we took the plunge to take bean matters into our hands. Is coffee still the answer, and where do we stand today? “In the current scenario, many people are getting back to the office. Still, a considerable number of employees are requested to maintain the WFH policy. Office and home consumption are the two primary channels for coffee roastery retail sales. The work-from-home culture has turned the office staff, who often went to their lobby coffee shop to break into skilled home baristas,” says Drew Joshua Dennehy, co-founder and general manager, THREE Coffee. He shares how these newly turned home baristas have eventually become skilled towards brewing the most enjoyable cup of Joe that meets their taste requirements.

Agrees Kim Thompson, co-owner and managing director, RAW Coffee Company, “Covid-19 accelerated a huge drive towards home coffee consumption. With all the stay-at-home rules, prolonged public safety concerns and social distancing regulations, many consumers who frequented cafés for their daily caffeine fix and socialising changed their coffee habits and took the time to learn how to replicate a similar experience for themselves at home. However, not everyone has the money or space to do this, so we investigated other options that could deliver the quality and consistency of a really good, brewed speciality coffee at home with no financial investment, and that is how we selected the ReadyRaw single-serve brew pouches.”

So, are we getting better at brewing a cuppa? “Customers are becoming more self-assured in their coffee-making skills, with two-thirds stating that they have ‘perfected’ their recipes and techniques. This makes sense — with more time at home and out of the office, coffee drinkers have more space to repeat and refine their favourite beverages,” says Drew.

Interestingly, this coffee addiction is also seeing people spending more time caring about coffee sourcing: origins, processing methods and varietals and being more careful about where they spend their money, so making a more informed choice, informs Kim. Adds Yassir Corpataux, coffee ambassador, Nestlé Nespresso Middle East Africa, “Brewing a cup that has a real positive impact on the stakeholders of the industry gives it a better flavour, every single time. We like to emphasise our belief that coffee can stimulate not just our senses, but also a positive change in the world.” They’ve committed that every single cup of Nespresso coffee will be carbon neutral by 2022.

So, if there is one thing that you need to invest in right away to get brewing, what should it be? “The range of hand brewing items available is extensive, and each of these brewing options has passionate ambassadors who swear by them. Your single most important purchase should be a hand grinder, which allows you to buy a bag of whole beans and grind coffee at the time of preparing. This one-time investment into preparing coffee at home will improve the taste of your coffee exponentially,” says Kim. But what exactly makes homemade coffee a better choice? Hear it from Yassir, “Many reasons do. You have the liberty to select your sensorial experience and recipes, you can create and recreate different coffee styles, adapt a local recipe or even prepare your coffee on the go. Be it for an indulgent coffee moment or a proper caffeine intake, there are so many possibilities to answer any urges and needs.”

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