8 tips to make your home pet-friendly

Dubai - How to transform your abode into a comfy space for your furry friends

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By Liza Pinto

Published: Thu 15 Jul 2021, 2:41 PM

Fur-free fabric

The foremost thing you must consider is that your pets — dog, cat, bunny — are going to shed. Choose your fabric carefully for upholstery, make sure they are not gathering a lot of furs.

Go for a fabric that is easy to clean. Avoid velvet, mohair, corduroy, velour, or chenille. These act like a magnet to the furs. Smooth tapestries, synthetic fibers, stylish, easy-care leather or ultrasuede are a few easy and stylish options that can be wiped clean and won’t be affected by use. Investing in quality fabric that wouldn’t wear off with compulsive digging of those claws is always a wise move.

Choose the furniture wisely

It isn’t strange to see an excitable puppy seeing an exposed wood as their new teething toy. Your furniture selection certainly depends on your décor and the nature of your pet. Considering furniture with exposed wicker, rattan, and sisal furniture is going to be a bad option. Metal and chrome to avoid your teether from chewing the wood.


Opt for hard, wooden floorings like mahogany or oak. The flooring that doesn’t stain is easy to clean and is scratch-proof. Laminate flooring, stone or ceramic tiles can come in handy. This flooring will still be cooler during hotter weather, letting your pet relax peacefully.

Pet’s play space

A spacious house is the ultimate play area for your pet. Running riot, jumping around the house is acceptable when you have a furry friend. Chasing the ball, rolling the toys around and playing tug of war with the pets are usual activities. Design a pet ‘play space’, which can accommodate all their toys stored neatly away and out of view but easily accessible.

Dedicated feeding space

Pet-friendly interiors are all about keeping your space as tidy as possible, allowing that stunning new kitchen to glisten without unsightly doggy/kitty bowls smudging that perfect vision.

Create a feeding space underneath the cabinet. Use Flexi doors so that our furry friends can help themselves. Consider a pet gate to avoid them from entering the space where they are not allowed.

Furry walls

Do not overlook walls! Designing walls would be as important as anything else. Walls could become a headache to clean if you do not consider their texture. A highly textured wall will attract pet fur, even if your furry friend is not rubbing against it. Satin or semi-gloss paint helps to repel fur and keep those walls glistening clean.

Window treatments

It’s normal for a pet to hover around the windows to watch out for their owners coming home and enjoy other sights. Lightweight, sheer fabric curtains will allow them to enjoy this view. Blinds are recommended over curtains as they would be at a greater height and the little pugs will not pull on them and drop them down.

Minimalist design

Minimal design is not for everyone. But keeping your pet at home means giving an open-yet-cozy space for them to live.

Avoid overcrowding the space with bulky furniture. Consider only having essential furniture and bringing in accent pieces here and there.


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