Will Coronavirus change the way we dress?

Fashion will get the much-needed overhaul post-pandemic; eco-friendly fabrics and long-lasting items will rule, LBDs to give way to sweat pants and full sleeves blouses, and more

By Purva Grover

Published: Wed 13 May 2020, 4:00 PM

Last updated: Thu 14 May 2020, 4:14 PM

As I scroll through social media timelines, I find myself wondering which of the two fashion goals will I follow, post-Covid-19. One, where individuals are taking it easy in PJs, yoga pants, flared pants, and more. Two, where individuals are dressing OTT to make the most of the limited outings. At this moment, none of us can predict when the days of quarantine will end, but as and when they do, fashion designer, experts, and teachers are certain that we will be dressing up, differently. Well, historically, we've seen fashion get impacted by major global events. Will sweatpants, joggers, full sleeve blouses, easy-to-wash fabrics et al, rule? What will be the post-Quarantine chic like? Local voices help us figure it out. 
Style & fabric will focus on easy-care, comfort and sustainability
We are likely to see an increase in demand for sustainable wear, rather than seasonal trends. The upcoming collections will focus on strong individual expression and identity, with fast fashion taking a back-seat. Consumers will expect minimalism, creativity and innovation from designers. Fashion is likely to remain unrestricted; bold co-ordinates and silhouettes that are easy-care and durable. Think, unstructured garments with imagination and freedom. There will be a shift in buying patterns too, consumers will focus on online shopping.
-- Richa Gupta, Assistant Professor & Programme Leader, Department of Fashion Design, Amity University, Dubai  

Dressing up will be an immense joy
My prediction is that people will wear more light wear and comfortable fabrics like cotton and linen; and after being indoors for so long, dressing up will be an immense joy. As for spending, it's a personal choice. Just like style, it can go either way: some will splurge, whilst others will save. His favourite quarantine-chic piece of clothing is a simple, basic and classy black shirt. 
-- Behnoode Jahaverpour, Founder and Creative Director, Behnoode, a Dubai-based men's couture line

We'll be protective of exposing our bodies, similar to what happened post-Spanish flu
There will be a big shift in the whole fashion industry. People's clothing choices will radically change, and it will stay for quite some time. Comfortable loungewear including silk pyjamas and chiffon dresses will be a closet staple. Consumers will be more protective of their bodies and will stay away from exposing it publicly, similar to what happened post-Spanish flu. Long-sleeved shirts and long pants will be a statement. I also believe that bold and popping colours will be in-style as it is an instant mood booster. Instinctively, people might not spend too much on clothing but eventually, when things get better, I think the fashion industry will soon rise again. Now is the great time for the fashion industry to re-strategize and re-imagine the future of the fashion market on a global scale.
-- Alina Anwar, Founder and Creative Director, Alina Anwar Couture, a Dubai-based luxury ready-to-wear couture

Shopping for most will become a more considered purchase
People will shop for more relaxed, comfort wears like joggers, leggings, sweats, hoodies, etc. Expect the relaxed look to continue for day-to-day wear as people remain at home. Athleisure will also remain key. For special occasions, people will dress up and spend more, as going out becomes less frequent. Some customers will become more cautious about their clothes and opt for more sustainable products. Spending will see a shift, as most people are likely to shop less but buy higher-priced products that will last them for longer. 
-- Fatima Mohammed, Creative Stylist, Namshi, an online retail experience for the Middle East

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