What does the colour of your outfit say about your relationship status?

This Valentine’s Day, we dig deeper into the love colour code guide for dressing up


Purva Grover

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WHITE le TOi by Embody
WHITE le TOi by Embody

Published: Thu 10 Feb 2022, 11:58 PM

Ever wondered why is not everyone in red on Valentine’s and also, why should you not dress up in red on the day? For there’s a love colour code guide for that. Blue, love applicants invited; Green, I am waiting; Red, two hearts, already in love; Black, rejected proposal; White, sorry, I am taken; Orange, going to propose; Pink, proposal accepted, Grey/Purple, better luck next time, not interested; Yellow, broke up; and Brown, broken heart. Now that you know the meaning behind each, run through our crash course on how to dress up, and yes, keep an eye out on what your prospective Valentine is dressed up in.

So, how did it all start, does anyone have a clue? Juliette Barkan, co-founder and designer, PALEM, a sustainable fashion brand, confesses that whilst she was aware of a few of the colour coding for the day, she did not know there were so many, “I lived in China for a long time where colours, and red in particular, are important. Red is a symbol of power, happiness and prosperity and is also the colour of Valentine’s Day there.” Natasha Zaki, founder, Glossy Lounge, wasn’t aware of the colour coding says she loves it, “Every person has their own story, and it doesn’t necessarily have to fit with the Valentine’s Day standard, after all”.

So how or how not should one express? “Valentine’s Day is the day of love, when people are meant to express a tad more to their significant loved ones. The boundaries of society have led us to constrain our feelings when we should express them freely and be vulnerable. So, expressing via outfits sounds like a great idea,” says Alia Jashanmal, co-founder, Aloushi’s, an online platform that unites sustainable, unique, and local brands under one roof. “I love the preparation we go through in terms of creating our Valentine’s collection with different red looks, but I think the addition of different colours makes it more exciting and personal. Now, whether you show up to your date night in a striking red slit dress or in a Fuchsia pink blazer, just feeling the energy of love,” says Disha Ramchandani, founder, Embody, a bespoke clothing brand.

Red, two hearts, already in love

Go in for a red colour block with PALEM’s ethereal AUGUSTA dress made of 100% sustainable viscose. “Once again, less is more with dress: a pair of delicate flat sandals and wavy hair, all eyes on you!” suggests Juliette. Want to dress up in athleisure? Go in for Glossy Lounge’s Sunset Red, “When you are already in love, I think it’s great to wear matching outfits with your partner, in red of course. Our colour Sunset Red is a perfect colour for that romantic mood for couples,” says Natasha.

Pink, proposal accepted

“The best part about pink is that you can either make it the dominant shade in your outfit like a jacket/ trouser or an accessory like a shirt to compliment your suit. A printed shirt with salmon pink trousers could sound bold, but for someone confident enough to experiment, it would both look fun but also state their style without having to speak a word,” says Anil Ramchandani, director, business development, Kachins Group. “Pink brings out a mellow and calm aura in every person,” says Disha. She suggests going in for le TOi by Embody’s elegant, little pink dress and pairing it with gold heels and small stud earrings. “Also, let’s be honest men in pink paired with classy white pants is another all-time favourite,” she adds.

Green, I am waiting

Green is one of the most underrated colours in menswear, however, darker tones such as emerald, dark green, midnight green can help achieve a signature style. “For a night out, a midnight green suit with black shoes would make you feel sleek,” says Anil. He adds, that you add a printed pocket square to add some fun to the look. And ladies, you could go in for Alia’s Gaia Kimono, “Wear this over a black slip dress and call it a night. This can also be worn over a white linen shirt as well as white linen pants,” says Alia.

Grey/Purple, better luck next time, not interested

“With this colour, you definitely need a big pair of sunglasses; this is for when you know your worth and won’t settle for anything less, like a boss,” suggests Natasha.

Blue, love applicants invited

Men, keep it simple with Buli Basha shoes available on Aloushi’s, paired with a blue linen shirt and jeans or white linen pants.

Yellow, broke up

Go in for the India Kimono from Alia’s Jashanmal collection, which can be worn over a white dress, loose white or beige pants with a beige or white tube top underneath it.

White, sorry, I am taken

The colour screams, I know who and what I am. “Pair a white blazer with matching white shorts, throw on your favourite silk top, classy heels, and fun earrings; and you’re set with your classy but fun look for the night!” says Disha.

Black, rejected proposal

This statement piece from H&M’s Innovation Circular Design Story is just what you need to make a statement and get over the rejection, ouch!

Orange, going to propose

Prepping to pop the question at home, slip into the comfortable Cotton Rich Cuffed Joggers from Marks & Spencer. Pair it with a hoodie, order in, and make it a date night.

Brown, broken heart

Drape the heartbreak in an ethnic, artisanal style with a piece from Fabindia at BurJuman Mall. This piece in subtle brown is just what you need.


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