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Trending designs @ Fashion ka Jalsa

Trending designs @ Fashion ka Jalsa

Prakrati has an eye for fashion and believes in grooming the best of local talent Prakrati has an eye for fashion and believes in grooming the best of local talent


Ishtiaq Ali Mehkri

Published: Wed 31 Oct 2018, 11:02 AM

Last updated: Wed 31 Oct 2018, 4:36 PM

Prakrati Ramchandani is an entrepreneur, and has made a mark for herself in furthering trending fashion with an interest in exhibitions. She says her passion is women's wardrobe and she articulately makes it fashionable to the core. She started her online store, Fashion Point - Jaikishan Trading, which has been a great success. Soon she realised the importance of exhibiting products, and gave it a try by harnessing local talent. She selects designs, and makes sure she has much to lay on the table in the form of latest collections for ladies. Moreover, Prakrati specialises in designer clothing, imitation jewellery, home decor, men's wear, handicrafts, festive items, paintings, handbags, cosmetics, shoes, and much more.
In an interview with dxbuzz, she spells out her ambitious plan of action:
Tell us about your passion, and what difference you plan to make in entrepreneurship?
Fashion is my passion. Like most women, my first love is my wardrobe. Being adaptive with designer wears and accessories, I love to adorn myself with all latest fashion trends. For me, fashion is comfort being stylish and classy at the same time.
What inspired you to make a professional move towards exhibitions, and tell us about your 'Fashion ka Jalsa' experience?
In any industry, being innovative is the key to success. Through Fashion ka Jalsa Exhibitions, we give homemakers a chance to explore their talent and passion. We give them a platform to exhibit in our exhibitions, nurture their dreams and by the same time be a strong financial support for their families. 
What kind of products are popular as people go out on window-shopping, and how have you articulated them?
Since childhood I have always been very inclined towards social events, carnivals, exhibitions and fun fairs back home in India. I used to visit such places and dream of doing one such big carnival one day. Being famous and successful has always been my dream. Now when life gave me a chance, with support of my husband Rajesh, I started on my dream project, Fashion ka Jalsa.
Fashion ka Jalsa is all about Fashion. You ask for it and we have it. At Jalsa we have the latest trends from all over India and Pakistan. Fashionable attires, imitation jewellery, home decor, handicrafts, men's wear, shoes, bags, etc. There is something for everyone at Jalsa.
How do you facilitate women in making an income for them from home; what kind of products are in demand? 
My journey with Fashion ka Jalsa has been like a roller-coaster ride. I started two years back. It has been a learning experience, exploring new things every season, meeting new people, and touching new horizons. We have completed five seasons of Fashion ka Jalsa. 
What is your plan for the future? 
My future plans are to have many more such exhibitions in all parts of the UAE. Right now, we have exhibitors from India, Pakistan, UAE and Philippines. We hope to expand and get exhibitors from all across the globe. Our upcoming exhibition is on November 2 at Holiday Inn Hotel, Embassy District, Bur Dubai.
- mehkri@khaleejtimes.com

Prakrati Ramchandrani
Prakrati Ramchandrani

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