PJs all-day, every day? Say no more

Life is better in pyjamas, we all know that!
Life is better in pyjamas, we all know that!

The UAE now has its very own pyjama subscription service

By Purva Grover

Published: Thu 7 May 2020, 11:45 PM

Last updated: Fri 8 May 2020, 1:50 PM

Life is better in pyjamas, we all know that. Especially now, when we're spending our days and nights indoors for our safety. American actress Kerry Washington had once said, "I would wear pyjamas to work every day if it were up to me." Little did we know that we'd be attending work calls in our PJs - cooking, Instagrammin', moping, and more in them too!
So, it's no surprise that the UAE now has a pyjama subscription service that offers women (sorry, men and kids) a monthly delivery of new pyjamas and self-care surprises. Called PJs Every 30 Days, each box contains pyjamas designed for ultimate comfort and style, along with four surprise pampering treats like bath bombs, hair scrunchies, face masks, et al.
"I think all women understand the feeling of putting on a fresh pair of pyjamas. The cut, style, design and material all have an impact on how those pyjamas make us feel," says Laura O'Leary, co-founder, PJs Every 30 Days. She adds an example: a certain print might make us feel cute, a loose slouchy fit might make us feel cosy, and a satin finish can make us feel elegant whilst keeping us cool. You can choose between wittily named packages such as 'The Commitment Phobe' and 'Marriage Material'.
So, are we likely to see times when pyjamas will be our go-to formalwear? "Major retailers have seen a rise in demand for lounge and sleepwear. Also, social media influencers' feeds are now full of 'safe at home' pictures of them in such. I think it is a trend that will continue post-Covid-19," says Laura.
She also predicts higher demand for pyjamas that can pass as daytime wear for those important video calls. "As people have experimented with mixing comfort and style and found a balance that works for them, pyjamas have almost become a daily uniform for some!"
You can buy a box for your girlfriends by placing an order, letting the service know it's a gift, and leaving a message too. Or you could send them an e-gift card. Now, who wouldn't like a box that screams jammies?
The subscription is Dh225/month, with a six-month subscription (upfront payment) for Dh1188. Follow them on Instagram, @pjsevery30days.

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