Now, skip the hassle of returns with the UAE's first virtual fitting room

By Team WKND

Published: Mon 7 Sep 2020, 4:00 PM

Last updated: Mon 7 Sep 2020, 6:51 PM

After all these years since the retail experience moved online, one thing that still tends to be a gamble for online shoppers is getting their clothes in the right fit. If you've ever waited eagerly for your parcel to be delivered, only to discover the piece of clothing is too baggy or 'just doesn't sit right' - you know exactly what we're talking about.
A new fashion e-retailer in the UAE, however, is claiming to have the answer to those woes with the launch of the country's 'first virtual fitting room'. Homegrown brand believes customers can now put their days of ill-fitting purchases behind them in three simple steps.
Shoppers can simply select the desired clothing item, input their physical measurements, and have the website's smart sizing tool apply it to the chosen garment. The system will rate the fit for the selected item from 0 (very bad fit) to 10 (perfect fit) - and recommend the right size for the shopper. What's more, the tool will remember the shopper's measurements, so that they don't need to be entered every time.

DECISION TIME: A screenshot from the website's smart sizing tool
Founder Ehab El Mallah noted that the idea for a virtual fitting room came about to improve customers' shopping experiences by decreasing the hassle of returns. "Many fashion shoppers in the region face challenges when buying online," he said. "This is particularly apparent when it comes to measurements, as sizes across brands are not standardised. We want to eliminate the disappointment consumers face, while also reducing the woes of product returns.
"Even though we offer a very simple, 'no questions asked' policy for our shoppers to return, exchange or get refunds, our approach is to help them get it right the first time, so that they have a fun and satisfactory online shopping experience at," he continued.
The launch of the smart sizing tool comes at a particularly opportune time given the ongoing pandemic. With the option to shop from the comfort of their home, customers can forgo having to try items in shop stores, thus minimising the risk of catching or spreading the virus.

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