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Sadaf Zehra, a brand ambassador in her own right, vividly pools in the best of fabrics and designs at Ronaq Outfits for scintillating women's wear Sadaf Zehra, a brand ambassador in her own right, vividly pools in the best of fabrics and designs at Ronaq Outfits for scintillating women's wear


Ishtiaq Ali Mehkri

Published: Mon 13 Aug 2018, 2:54 PM

Last updated: Mon 13 Aug 2018, 5:03 PM

Ronaq Outfits is a valuable addition to the landscape of women's wear and fashion design in Dubai. The most convincing aspect is that it is a one-stop solution to combat complex issues such as choosing the right fabric, getting it stitched as per latest design, and that too, according to trends. When it comes to women, it is no less than a Herculean task, but Sadaf Zehra, the Designer and Managing Director at Ronaq Outfits, has simply made it possible.
Sadaf is not only a successful entrepreneur, but also a great fashion designer. Her rise as a brand name in the UAE is too interesting to be ignored. She had started off from home as a base and wasn't sure of its success, had it not been the support that came from her spouse, Syed Farhat Hussain, who stood firmly behind her as she made inroads. Contrary to the proverb, there is a man here behind a woman's success!
From 2012 onwards, there has been no looking back for Sadaf, as Ronaq Outfits has grown to become a cathedral for women on the lookout for new designs and state-of-the-art fabric.
Ronaq Outfits, named after Sadaf's mother-in-law, is a composite selling house, where you are at ease to choose the latest fabrics and order your dress with as many modifications you can think of! Sadaf models her own designs, which leaves an impact on her customers.
Ronaq's outreach owes itself to the social media spectrum, which has made it big and exponentially vibrant. The articulate and soft-spoken, Sadaf says that her page likes are more than 68,000, and she is a great pusher on Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media.
Ronaq Outfits is an indispensable place to visit for its collection of all designer lawns, cotton, chiffon and other fabrics. The who's who include Al Karam, Gul Ahmed, Khadi, Agha Noor, Sana Safinaz, and the list goes on. What a pleasure it would be for women in the UAE to find a great collection of Pakistani brands spread out to make a choice! Sadaf has made it available on fingertips. Moreover, she boasts some of the best tailors and designers at her boutique, who are conveniently present with a professional sense of their own.
Last but not the least, the most unique aspect of Ronaq Outfits is its free pick-up and home delivery service. One can call the boutique and place an order for a fabric-material pick up, and get on phone with the tailor-master for configuration and design. The stitched stuff is delivered back home, and the home service is free for customers in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman. Whereas, there is a nominal charge for home service from the emirates of Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khaimah. Similarly, one can order online, and get into an aspiring chat with Sadaf as she has something special for every customer to offer in the form of material advice, embroidery, style and design.
Sadaf says fashion designing is her passion. Holding a Master's degree, she took to fashion designing as a choice and has done well. She is the face of Pakistan here when it comes to pushing the envelope on fashion and boutique.
She says apart from thousands of loyal Pakistani customers, there is no dearth of Indian buyers who crave Pakistani fabric and fashion. This is why she has a hands-down busy schedule throughout the year. The mother of two says it often becomes too hectic to do justice with family life, but the boutique is her new-born identity, and she makes sure that she has a variety of special collections and outfits to offer - be it Eid, Holi or Diwali - for her valued customers. From heavy and light party wear to casual attire, Sadaf and her teammates have impressive options to choose from.
Likewise, bridal wear as well as traditional gharara and sharara get a personal touch at Ronaq Outfits. She says 30 to 40 orders a day is a tough task to meet, and this won't be possible without the proactive input of her zealous staff.
"I customise bridal wear and dresses on order. While not many heavy-to-wear occasions take place in the UAE, I try to chip in specific outfits that give a larger-than-life look of the attire."
Ronaq Outfits has plans for expansion, and plans to introduce a collection of Abayas. "Our intention is to cater to the needs of women who look for design-oriented Abayas. Our target is the Arab audience," says Sadaf.
Outfits done at Ronaq are affordable, and there is no match for it all across the emirate. A simple dress-suit is stitched for Dh55, and a mere Dh10 is added if it needs piping. Gharara tailoring is done for Dh120, and special discounts are in place for patches and styles done with embroidery.
Sadaf says that she wants her Boutique to go places, and dreams of a day when the Pakistani product and cultural attire is up for sale in Europe, US and Australia. "Customers usually compare our prices with that of in Pakistan and feel at ease, as we are quite competitive." She says her focus is on office-goers attire, kurta that could be worn with jeans, as well as casual and party attire. Introducing a Pakistani touch in outfits makes it all the more special.
A beaming Sadaf says, "Social media has buoyed our business. As our audience is style-specific, we have plans to cater to them eloquently."
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Sadaq Zehra
Sadaq Zehra
Collections at Ronaq Outfits
Collections at Ronaq Outfits

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