Expo 2020 Dubai: Sudan set to showcase cultural diversity, progress and history

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Dubai - Pavilion will showcase 184 medium and small inventions and innovative projects by Sudanese entrepreneurs


Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Tue 28 Sep 2021, 6:56 PM

Ancient Nubian symbols at its Expo pavilion will highlight Sudan’s cultural diversity, history and the winds of change blowing across the country, Sudan’s Ambassador to the UAE told Khaleej Times.

Mohamed Amin Al-Karib said the pavilion built at a cost of $5.5 million will showcase 184 medium and small inventions and innovative projects by Sudanese entrepreneurs to show that ‘Sudan is the country of endless opportunities’, while revealing that the country had been among those who had voted for Dubai to host the Expo

He said that though Sudan was earlier provided with an area of ​​1,500 meters for its pavilion, it was scaled down due to the Covid pandemic and circumstances faced by Sudan in recent years. However, he said it is impressive, nonetheless. Located at a strategic location, the building is ready and the structure only needs some interior finishing.

Al-Karib pointed out that the exhibition will encourage the young and dynamic entrepreneurs of Sudan to realise their ambitions, while introducing the world to the quality of Sudanese agricultural produce, and help Sudan forge economic partnerships.

Nabawiya Mohammad Mahjoub, commissioner-general of the Sudan Pavilion said that the Expo comes at a crucial time in the country’s history as it seeks to integrate into the global economy.

She revealed the pavilion will be hosting four events each month and organise special weeks focussing on manufacturing, mining, and other socio-economic sectors of the country. It will also establish an economic forum.

Visitor journey

Engineer Mohamed Othman Ballula, chief innovation officer at the Sudan Pavilion, said the visitors’ journey will begin at the pavilion exterior which portrays the past, present and future of Sudan. The pavilion will feature platforms with Nubian symbols depicting the country’s diverse heritage, and economic development. He said that many Sudanese entrepreneurs and inventors from across the world will be hosted at the pavilion.

According to him, a cinema theatre and VR units will unveil the treasures of Sudan to a global audience through real-life footage. These will be supplemented by authentic cultural experiences, rare rituals and tribal dances, never showcased to the world before.

The central courtyard of the pavilion, with a carved map of Sudan and a water stream depicting the Nile River, reflects the essence of Sudanese life, Ballula said. Visitors can hear and see the sights and sounds of the water flowing down the White and Blue Nile, before they merge into the great River Nile.

The pavillion will be also offer potential solutions to the world as Sudan unveils immense opportunities in agriculture, agribusiness, industrial and mining.

The pavilion also has a ‘Inventions and Innovations Room’ that will feature unique and innovative products and solutions from the government and private sector, educational institutes and individuals. The room is in keeping with the three Expo sub-themes of Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability.

Link between Africa and the world

Sudan has always been a strategic trade link between Asia, Africa and the rest of the world. Khartoum, its capital, lies where the Blue Nile and White Nile merge. The river is easily seen from space and boasts a magical underwater world, ranging from ancient tombs to mesmerising coral reefs, including some of the clearest in the world in Port Sudan. Sudan was also home to one of Africa’s first superpowers, the ‘Kingdom of Kush’, with newly-discovered archeological sites providing more insights into the kingdom.

Did you know?

Sudan has over 50 million acres of agricultural land that could feed one billion people. It has been called the Food Basket of the World.


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