Look: Singapore pavilion to feature stunning sky gardens, lush rainforests at Expo 2020 Dubai

Dubai - Over 80,000 plants and trees have been installed in a bid to showcase how cities can be built in sync with nature

By SM Ayaz Zakir

Published: Tue 28 Sep 2021, 7:46 PM

Last updated: Wed 29 Sep 2021, 12:40 PM

Hanging gardens, vertical forests and rainforests... You will find all the greenery you need at the Singapore Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. A visual spectacle that embodies its theme of ‘Nature, Nurture and Future’, the pavilion is an architectural marvel — a green, living self-sufficient ecosystem, if you will.

Showcasing the concept of a city that can be built in sync with the nature, the spectacular green pavilion expounds on the theme of building sustainable and livable cities of the future.

Check out the green expanse at the pavilion:

Larry Ng, Commissioner-General of the Singapore Pavilion, explains, “The realisation of this pavilion is important for Singapore, as it provides us with the platform to connect with people from around the world and engage in important future-shaping conversations.

"As visitors experience the pavilion through its welcoming spaces, digital exhibits and programmes, we hope that they will gain new perspectives on how nature and technology can be integrated into our urban spaces, and see the possibilities of how our cities can be designed to be sustainable, liveable and resilient.”

Over 80,000 plants and trees with over 170 different varieties and 45,000 pots have been installed at the pavilion. Many of the plants are locally sourced, while yet more are native to Singapore.

“A few plants are edible and can be used for different purposes. We want to show why it's so important to invest in urban farming, both for climate change and food resilience,” Larry added.

The official said the time to act in promoting urban farming and vertical greening is now. He also explained the importance of having such architecture in Dubai.

Three iconic structural cones make up the foundation of the pavilion. These are designed to demonstrate the concept of energy-saving and creating a sustainable ecosystem.

Visitors entering the first structural cone will be treated to a multimedia display on how to contribute to building green cities. A walkway runs through a series of vertical gardens, sky gardens and rich flora.

The second cone is a replica of a massive rainforest that helps the visitor understand how flora and greenery can still be a part of world-class architecture. This cone is much cooler than other places in the pavilion due to additional fogging and a dry mist system.

Extremely tight nozzles dispense water at high pressure, forming fine droplets that feel like fresh air, thus contributing to the therma-comfort of the structure and cooling the temperature by 6-10 degrees.

Ar Yap Lay Bee, Deputy Commissioner-General of the Singapore pavilion, said that visitors can expect a wonderful sensory experience with multiple layers of greenery that reflect the story of Singapore with its sky gardens and vertical greenery.

The entire pavilion is powered by solar energy, with solar cells installed on the roof to harness green energy for the structure. Even the water used at the pavilion is harvested from the ground below the structure and desalinated before use.

The final cone will showcase the hybridisation of plants. Hybridised orchids of various colours are on display here — a true visual treat.

What's more, a lady bug robot offers insight into the marvels of technology. Designed for machine learning, it works to identify plant type and provide information on the plants at the pavilion.


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