Expo 2020 Dubai: Singapore pavilion integrates nature within urban environments

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Source: Expo 2020 website
Source: Expo 2020 website

Abu Dhabi - Green architecture to embody ethos of sustainable development


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Published: Thu 26 Aug 2021, 1:48 PM

The Singapore pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai puts green architecture at the forefront to help visitors appreciate the benefits and possibilities of integrating nature within our urban environments.

Layered with a showcase of greenery, digital solutions and art, the pavilion exemplifies Singapore's vision of becoming a City in Nature, and ethos of sustainable development via innovative and impactful urban solutions.

Yap Lay Bee, Deputy Commissioner-General of the Singapore pavilion and Group Director, Architecture & Urban Design Group at the Urban Redevelopment Authority, said, "The Singapore Pavilion demonstrates the potential to push the envelope to integrate nature, architecture and technology through various design strategies and digital elements.

"We wish to invite visitors to contemplate their relationship with nature as they explore the pavilion's green, digital ecosystem and its artistic representation of the pavilion's integrated system of greenery, water and energy management. In doing so, visitors will be able to appreciate the challenges in realising the Singapore pavilion, and the ways we can co-exist with our natural and built environment, where both people and ecologies are cared for."

The pavilion takes into account the local environment within its Rainforest Cone and the Flower Cone areas to sustain rainforest plants. The growth of the multitude of plant varieties despite the ground conditions demonstrates the possibility for such lush landscapes to thrive in different environments around the world while using renewable resources.

The pavilion also capitalises on technology to augment bold landscaping design. Caring for the varieties of plants within the pavilion is no easy feat, especially those on the curved green walls of the pavilion's iconic cones. To address this challenge, three prototype climbing robots will traverse the green walls around the Flower Cone to inspect the health of the plants, as well as to collect environmental data to monitor the performance of the pavilion's systems.

Visitors are invited to participate in a generative artwork at the Galleria that allows them to visualise the performance of the pavilion's integrated ecosystem and how it impacts the environment. The customised planting palette and innovative technological applications used in water and energy management are design strategies that enable the Singapore pavilion to achieve its net-zero energy target.

Preparations for the Singapore pavilion are at the final phase. Landscaping works have wrapped up and finishing touches are being made to the digital exhibits ahead of its opening on 1st October 2021. Various elements of the Singapore pavilion experience will also be presented on online platforms, given the current travel restrictions and safe management measures.

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