Expo 2020 Dubai: Residents set to experience Expo first day, first show

(L-R) Sayyed Shahulhamid and Swavvab Ali show off their Expo passports.
(L-R) Sayyed Shahulhamid and Swavvab Ali show off their Expo passports.

Dubai - With the Expo 2020 passports and seasonal passes, residents are well prepared for the World's Greatest Show


Dhanusha Gokulan

Published: Wed 29 Sep 2021, 3:01 PM

Meet the UAE residents who are all set to experience the world’s greatest show on the very first day.

Scores of Expo 2020 Dubai enthusiasts are well prepared to attend the mega event on October 1.

Many have already purchased their Expo 2020 passports online. Some individuals and companies are distributing the passports to their close friends and colleagues, respectively.

Sayyed Shahulhamid Maliga, an Indian expat and sales executive at the Paperless documentation and business set-up centre, is all ready to head over to the Expo site with his friends on Friday.

“A group of friends and I got the Expo 2020 passport four to five days ago from Amazon. Since then, we’ve been providing it to our friends and close colleagues for free, so they can check it out as well," he told Khaleej Times.

Since he won't be able to visit all country pavilions and see the attractions in one day, Shahulhamid said he plans to visit the Expo a few times.

"Obviously, I look forward to seeing the Indian pavilion, since I am from India. I also want to see all other pavilions," he said.

Swavvab Ali, an employee of Safari Mall in Sharjah, has also gotten his hands on the Expo 2020 passport.

“I am very interested to be there on the first day. But, everyone is excited about the exposition and I suspect there would be huge crowds on the first day. I will go in the next couple of days," he said.

Ali added: “I look forward to visiting country pavilions and seeing the innovations and new ideas that will be presented there by different countries. I feel like I will experience a world tour by visiting the Expo.”

Indian businessman and social worker Rahul Tulpule said he would be visiting the opening ceremony of the Indian pavilion on the first day.

“I plan on heading to the Expo site a little early to see the rest of the country pavilions and other attractions,” he said.

Many have already purchased seasonal passes, giving them unlimited entry to the Expo 2020 site. However, they will not be attending festivities on the first day fearing huge crowds at the venue.

Ashwin Fernandes, an Indian expatriate, said: “I have the season pass, which gives unlimited entries for the entire six months. Not really keen to visit first-day first show as I know it will be crowded. I look forward to watching it online live at home as it happens.”

Another Indian expat, Achint Gupta, said: “No plans to visit the Expo on the very first day, but will visit someday for sure. Planning to buy tickets with full October access for Dh95.”

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