Expo 2020 Dubai: Over 220 events to inspire you to make a change for the planet

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By Team KT

Published: Mon 9 Aug 2021, 2:48 PM

Last updated: Mon 9 Aug 2021, 3:23 PM

Expo 2020 Dubai on Monday revealed a calendar of more than 220 events and experiences through which every visitor could be an ‘agent of change’ — for people and the planet.

Running across the entire six months of the mega event, the campaign called Programme for People and the Planet will turn the spotlight on the challenges and opportunities facing all 7.8 billion people living on this planet.


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It is a programme that will spark ‘a movement’ that will shape the legacy of Expo 2020 Dubai and create meaningful impact for generations to come, said Nadia Verjee, chief of staff of the Expo.

Through thought-leadership, conversations, workshops and even some fun and games, big questions shall be asked and solutions will be sought: How can we help the Earth heal? What can be done to address biodiversity loss? How can we make human habitats be more sustainable? How do we ensure every single person gets access to education and healthcare?

The programme will demonstrate that each and every one of Expo 2020’s partners, participants and visitors can — and must — become an agent of change.

“Sitting at the heart of our World Expo, and taking place at a moment in time that could not be more urgent or opportune, the Programme for People and Planet is the manifestation of our theme and purpose, ‘Connecting Minds, Creating The Future’,” Verjee said.

Visitors to Expo 2020 will also be able to explore the topics raised in the Programme for People and Planet by embarking on a curated visitor journey.

These self-guided tours will be available on the Expo 2020 app and will allow visitors to discover the different ways in which countries, businesses and other organisations are responding to the key challenges the global community is facing.

Five tracks of the Programme for People and Planet

>> Build Bridges

Representing the Expo’s cultural track, it will break down boundaries by harnessing the power of storytelling, art and music to foster intercultural dialogue and knowledge exchange.

>> Leave No One Behind

The Expo’s social-development track will spotlight the importance of opportunity for all, asking the question: What can we do today to create a more equitable tomorrow? This track will also have a particular focus on gender equality and last-mile communities at risk of marginalisation.

>> Live in Balance

Climate change is the most serious threat facing our planet and the actions we take now will impact the environment we leave for future generations. This track will focus on how the global community can work together to restore balance with the planet.

>> Thrive Together

At a time of global economic change, this track concentrates on tangible business opportunities. It puts the prospect of robust and resilient growth, and productive partnerships, at the centre of Expo 2020.

>> Vision 2071

Fifty years ago, the Founding Fathers of the UAE conceived a bold vision to carve out a new future for their people. The fifth track focuses on the future and how anything is possible if we — the global community — work together.

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