Expo 2020 Dubai: Meet the 12-yr-old Indo-Belarusian girl who dazzled all at opening ceremony

Dubai - Her rehearsals, that lasted for 2 months, often began at 4.30pm after school hours and ended at 11pm.


Nandini Sircar

Published: Fri 1 Oct 2021, 5:25 PM

Last updated: Fri 8 Oct 2021, 4:01 PM

She is like poetry in motion. And on the biggest stage for the world’s greatest show on Thursday night, she dazzled one and all with her winsome smile and delicate dance.

“Dancing for the Expo opening ceremony has been the biggest show so far in my life, with so many VVIPs, dignitaries, lights, sounds, and celebrity artists with whom I shared the stage,” Indo-Belarusian expat Mira Singh told Khaleej Times.

Nothing could be bigger for the 12-year-old than sharing the stage with leading stars like Andrea Bocelli, Ellie Goulding, Angelique Kidjo and Andra Day, among many others, and in front of the UAE leaders.

Mira’s role-play saw her take on the part of the protagonist in the first story where she was the ‘beacon of hope’. “For Expo 2020 it all started with auditions, where the applications ran into thousands. Ultimately three children were shortlisted, and I was one of them,” said the student of JSS International School, who is a showbiz veteran, starting as a child model at the age of six.

Her rehearsals, that lasted for two months, often began at 4.30pm after school hours and ended at 11pm. “The hard work has ultimately paid off. On the day of the performance, I had mixed feelings. I would say I was confident and nervous at the same time. But deep down it felt amazing. It was also a great learning experience for me rehearsing and performing with such global names. Many of them were such big people, yet they were so kind and humble. It was truly a great opportunity and a lifetime of an experience. I consider myself lucky,” says the Dubai-born girl, who started dancing when she was seven.

Mira who has performed at previous UAE national day shows, has already won many hearts in the past with some enthralling acts - the most recent one’s being advertisement campaigns for Ikea and Aldar Properties. And she is also likely to perform at some shows to commemorate the UAE’s 50th anniversary. “I like all kinds of performing arts — be it singing, dancing or acting. I do contemporary dance, ballet, hip-hop and Bharatanatyam. Dance came to me very instinctively,” she said.

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And for her peers, the otherwise quiet girl has a word of advice. “If you want to do something follow your dreams, don’t get dissuaded by what others are saying. I feel focus and perseverance are important things in life,” said the talented and versatile artist.

Mira said she has yet to properly experience the sights and sounds of the world fair, and wants to return to the Expo site as a ‘normal visitor’ on one of the weekends. And topping her must-vist list are pavilions of Russia, India, Egypt, China and Belarus.

Her school, teachers and principal who’ve been supportive in her journey also have some kind words for the girl who has worked hard ever since she was a child model. Lata Nakra, Principal, JSS International School, says: “She is a very silent and unassuming girl. She surprises us every time.”


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