Expo 2020 Dubai: Masdar City-developed smart garden takes centre stage on World Food Day

HydroArtPod users can also grow edible and decorative flowers easily at home

Photo: Supplied
Photo: Supplied


Published: Sun 7 Nov 2021, 2:33 PM

An innovative solution that enables people to grow healthy produce at home, took centre stage at an event held to mark World Food Day at Expo Dubai 2020.

The app-controlled HydroArtPod smart garden, developed by a Masdar City-based start-up, was the only technology product to be featured during the event, hosted under Expo’s Programme for People and Planet.

The HydroArtPod has been developed by Masdar City-based byAlinePate, a tech start-up being incubated at the region’s first sustainability-focused startup accelerator, The Catalyst.

The automated device requires minimal user effort, while reducing the reliance on chemicals, packaging, and transportation in the supply chain, ensuring a steady supply of fresh produce with minimal food waste. Visitors to the event were able to learn just how easy it can be to grow healthy fruits and vegetables at home.

Start-up founder and CEO Richard Pate also took part in an onstage panel discussion on growing better food and how this can positively impact the environment.

Cinar Kurra, CEO, The Catalyst, said, "We are delighted to support HydroArtPod by AlinePate and look forward to watching their business grow and develop. As the region’s first sustainability-focused start-up accelerator, the role of The Catalyst is to encourage and stimulate entrepreneurship in Masdar City. The Catalyst is a joint venture with BP and via the funding, training and mentorship of innovative startups, we actively accelerate the development of viable technology businesses and catalyze innovation and entrepreneurship while providing fundamental support to early lifecycle startups."

"At The Catalyst we also provide selected applicants with capital that can be converted into equity as their business bears fruit over the long term," Kurra continued.


HydroArtPod inventor, Aline Pate said, "My inspiration for designing the HydroArtPod was to help every home be able to make a little difference toward their health and minimise our impact on the environment. As a mother myself I also think it’s so important to raise awareness among younger generations about healthy food production and the environment. We are delighted to partner with Expo 2020 in helping show how we can all eat better while taking care of our world."

HydroArtPod users can also grow edible and decorative flowers easily at home. The HydroArtPod can be mounted on the wall in a home for easy access, while also looking like a piece of art.

Masdar City is home to more than 1,000 businesses, encompassing a variety of organisations - from multinationals and SMEs to homegrown startups - committed to advancing the sustainability agenda and spearheading the innovations to realise greener, more sustainable urban living. By basing their businesses in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, startups such as HydroArtPod, will also benefit from the exceptional network already in place and connect with other innovative R&D initiatives.

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