Expo 2020 Dubai: Israeli minister visits UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, US, Israel, pavilion

Dubai - Abraham Accords strengthen religious tolerance, says Religious Affairs Minister Matan Kahana


Michal Michelle Divon

Published: Fri 15 Oct 2021, 11:26 AM

Last updated: Fri 15 Oct 2021, 11:39 AM

Israel’s Religious Affairs Minister Matan Kahana visited EXPO2020 this week as part of an effort to advance discussions over religious pluralism following the Abraham Accords.

Minister Kahana visited the country pavilions of the UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, US and Israel and spoke of the importance of building on these new alliances to strengthen the entire region.

Kahana also visited the local Jewish community in Dubai where he met with Rabbi Levi Duchman. Together they recited a Jewish prayer for the well being of the UAE and its leaders.

The Israeli minister said he was pleased to see such growing warm relations between the Emirati and Jewish communities.

“I visited the Jewish community in Dubai and was happy to see the development of the community and the positive attitude of the leadership towards the Jewish community.

The trade ties that have recently developed between Israel and the United Arab Emirates following the Abrahamic Accords are very important for strengthening relations between the two countries and I have no doubt that they will create positive trends in the Middle East” says Kahana.

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