Expo 2020 Dubai: Experience 850-year history of Notre-Dame de Paris

AFP photo used for illustrative purpose
AFP photo used for illustrative purpose

Dubai - Exhibition takes visitors through the cathedral’s construction in the Middle Ages right through until it was damaged in a fire in 2019

By Staff Report

Published: Fri 1 Oct 2021, 1:43 PM

An innovative exhibition on the Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral’s 850-year history has opened at the France Pavilion. The experience is offered using physical scenography and augmented reality.

The exhibition, which runs until November 1, takes visitors through the cathedral’s construction in the Middle Ages; its role in the religious, cultural and political life of France; and the restoration work being undertaken following the damage the World Heritage building sustained in a fire in April 2019.

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‘Histopads’ – cutting-edge tablet devices developed by the French start-up Histovery – will provide visitors with a virtual and interactive experience of historical events, such as the coronation of Emperor Napoleon I and the construction of the spire of Viollet-le-Duc.

The Histopad’s augmented technology will also enable visitors to understand the complexity of the restoration work and the different trades involved in rebuilding the landmark building.

The experience, which opens the on the eve of France’s National Day celebrations at Expo 2020 Dubai, is a precursor to the much larger ‘Notre-Dame de Paris’ exhibition, which will take place in Paris at the Collège des Bernardins in spring 2022. It will then tour throughout Europe, as well as the Americas and Asia, for the duration of the reconstruction project.


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